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¶ … Defending Government: Why Big Government Works" by Max Neiman

Defending Government" by Max Neiman offers a critical view of the Big Government's (of America) critics -- that is, the book discusses in detail how, in spite of the growing sentiment against the government, the author considers it as essential and beneficial for society, particularly in the context of American society.

In discussing this important point in the book, Neiman presents historical evidence of the development of anti-government sentiment of the public for its government. However, at the center of his discussion and analysis, he makes it clear that these anti-government sentiments are simply propaganda geared at discrediting the government for the benefits that it has given to American civil society.

Neiman discusses anti-government propaganda using the example of Bill Clinton's term as president, trying to overcome the controversy of his sexual harassment case. The author believes that the controversy is a perfect example of how anti-government feelings surfaced not only from the civil society, but from government members as well, wherein there is apparent attempt to divert people's attention from the more important social issues concerning them at the moment to the latest scandal surrounding Clinton's presidency.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Defending Government Assignment

American history for the 20th century offers sufficient background to understand why the anti-government propaganda has not only survived over the years, but has become a prevalent occurrence in American politics as well. Citing in particular American government's ineffective decisions during the Cold War and its failure to win the Vietnam and Korean Wars, Neiman states, " recent decades the expression of antigovernment [sic] sentiment has escalated to very high levels,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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