Define Evidence in Evidence-Based Practice Essay

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing is one of the most important changes in contemporary nursing (Hamric, Spross, & Hanson, 2009). In general, EBP is a function of the scientific age in medicine and consists of three principal features: (1) the best research evidence, (2) the clinical application of evidence to specific healthcare issues, and (3) the incorporation of stakeholder values and expectations in the process (Hamric, Spross, & Hanson, 2009). In practical terms, the available (research and non-research-based) evidence is used to make specific changes in medical protocols and procedures in the clinical healthcare environment. In many ways, nursing is a field that deals directly with the area where empirical knowledge bridges the gap between academic concept and real-world positive impact on the quality of healthcare services delivered to patients.

The term evidence within evidence-based practice consists of two general categories of information: Research and Non-Research-Based information (Hamric, Spross, & Hanson, 2009). Research evidence includes meta-analyses, systematic review of literature, randomized controlled intervention studies, quasi-experimental studies, outcome studies, qualitative studies, and non-experimental studies. Non-research-based evidence includes evidence-based consensus statements, qualitative improvement data, risk mitigation, infection control data, program evaluations, cases studies, daily practice data, and expert opinion (Hamric, Spross, & Hanson, 2009).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Define Evidence in Evidence-Based Practice Assignment

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