Defining Organizational Learning Essay

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Management Theory

Organizational Learning

In the business community, learning is much more than just a manner in which to create the future that is desired. In today's quick-paced, highly aggressive work world, it may in fact give a company the edge it needs to survive and thus keep fulfilling its purpose. Organizations flourish to adjust incessantly to external conditions as well as highlight internal hierarchical decisions that are needed for change. Therefore, organizations persistently tend to balance the learning process between equilibrium and evolution in order to achieve success (Chatterjee, 2010). Organizational learning necessitates systematic incorporation and collective interpretation of new knowledge that leads to collective action and involves risk taking as testing.

Systems behavior is affected by environment with both internal and external factors being at play. A system's assessment of the relation between its purpose and its behavior is determined by the stability of representations and views that determines the behavior of the learning system. This stability of representations and perceptions are brought about by some lasting changes induced by learning where rules stay in balance as long as the learning system is unmoved. "If the rules are changed contemporaneously, it would be difficult to ascertain the outcomes of a learning process" (Chatterjee, 2010.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Defining Organizational Learning Assignment

Adaptive learning is related to reasonableness, protective relationships, and low freedom of choice and dissuasion of inquiry while generative learning requires five disciplines: personal mastery, mental molds, shared vision, team learning and systemic thinking (Chiva, Grandio, & Alegre, 2010). Internal factors or environment of a business consists of the organizational resources accessible to achieve its goals. These normally include human, technological, financial and physical resources. The task of management is to obtain these resources and make competent and effectual use of them inside an organization. Organizational resources are usually scarce and management success depends on how well these resources are both gotten a hold of then utilized (External and Internal Factors, n.d.).

External factors include sociological, economic, political and technological aspects. The sociological aspects include the demographic status and trends, work ethics and personal values, and general cultures. These factors all have difference influences on how management gets its job done. The social environment presented in each company is unique and as each business grows and expands, management needs to understand these unique environments. "This understanding assists the management to plan for the future and design products for particular groups of people" (External and Internal Factors, n.d.).

The economic and political aspects include all the essential factors such as competitors, suppliers and customers. In an open model of business management must study the economy and political environment in order to determine a continual and dynamic relationship. In this system the management assumes that the business or company has both input and output. By studying the companies' suppliers, competitors and customers as well as current political factors, management is capable of making effectual managerial decisions. Technology has the most remarkable effect on business as changes in this external environment are frequently felt by firm very rapidly. Since the market can change overnight, management should be in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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