Deliberate Play Deliberate Practice Term Paper

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Deliberate Play

Being a coach who employs deliberate play and deliberate practice concepts in my practice sessions, as well as during games, allows me to incorporate the athlete's feelings and thoughts into situations involving the game. It also allows me to use qualitative and quantitative questionnaires to determine the mindset of my players as well as the goals and objectives we should be setting as a coaching staff for individual player.

Both concepts consider the athlete's desires as well as the supportive role of the parents and coaches in assisting the athletes in obtaining those desires. The coaches are called upon to provide the athletes with the resources including training such as skill training, conditioning, team concepts, and positioning theories. The parents offer a supportive role as well, oftentimes becoming the sounding box for the athletes that can be both negative and positive in feedback.

Deliberate play begins when the athletes are young and requires training at a rate of 2-5 hours per week. The training time increases through the years until approximately a decade later the athletes are practicing at a rate of 25-30 hours per week. Each stage incorporated into deliberate play is defined in a certain manner.

These distinct stages of development include different types of activities through the early years, middle years, later years and maintenance years. The activities are mainly focused on deliberate activities used to ensure the athlete is progressing. This concept also states that the hours of practice should have direct results and a corresponding improvement in the performance level of the athlete.

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A presentation at a recent university symposium on deliberate practice showed that deliberate play over a ten-year time frame would "confirm the 10 yr-10.000 hrs rule predicted by Ericsson," and it would "confirm engagement in deliberate play prior to organized sport participation, but expand both theories in regard to the amount of practice, the role of coaching and the role of families on experts' careers" (Da Matta, French, 2002).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Deliberate Play Deliberate Practice Assignment

The support and resources provided by the coaches and the families seemed to allow the athletes more opportunities to succeed and influenced the athlete's perception of the practices and training they received.

Jean Cote, one of the proponents of deliberate play, states, "athletes rated practices that are high in concentration and effort as also being high in enjoyment" (Cote 1993). It is important therefore to maintain a concentrated level and effort during practice in order for the athlete to benefit at the highest level from the training. Cote also found that deliberate play during the athlete's formative years was an important factor in the progress of the athlete, but that competition in both practice and play also played a significant role in that progression as well.

According to Ericsson and Cote there are four measurable periods of time during an athlete's progression. There is the sampling time frame when an athlete tries a number of different sports to ascertain which one would be the best for him or her and the specializing years during which time the athlete specializes in the chosen sport.

The third period of time is the investment period which is heavily involved in time, commitment and effort on behalf of the athlete. The fourth period is called the recreational years and this is when the athlete gradually winds down from the many hours and years devoted to the pursuit of excellence in the chosen sport.

Much of the deliberate play and deliberate practice concepts deal with the mental imagery used to motivate the player. How the particular player(s) uses that mental imagery to enhance their play is measured by the questionnaires developed by theorists such as Ericsson and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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