Dell vs. Gateway the Personal Term Paper

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Retailers, and the companies alike enjoy the frequent draw of company name recognition and company package deals.


Gateway has recently altered it distribution by reversing its brick and mortar trend and increasing the number of products it ships directly to the customer. Yet, both Dell and Gateway offer a distribution as expressed in the previous segment that employs the strategy of partnering with large name recognized retail locations to display and demonstrate product while it maintains most distribution through direct sales on the company websites.

International Markets

Gateway has expanded to the international market, limitedly, but again mainly through direct sales of products and services and customer support. Gateway provides a link for international customers on the website but the information is limited to contact information for international sales. Performance has been limited

Over the past 15 years, Gateway has served the technology needs of millions. Now these award-winning Gateway products are available in select global markets. We provide our customers with a sophisticated sales force and robust and reliable products. Our global sales teams can also provide support that's tailored to the specific needs of our international customers.

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Comparatively the Dell International market is well developed, especially with their emphasis on customer service and information technology for and expanding global market. As has been said previously Dell rivals only Hewlett Packard for top status in international sales.

Strength and Weaknesses

Term Paper on Dell vs. Gateway the Personal; Assignment

Both companies demonstrate increased strength in customer service and satisfaction as well as marketing strategies that ultimately match their original company missions. Direct marketing programs have been pioneered by these two industry leaders and are very successful, as the Internet has become more and more accepted as a means for safe and effective purchases. The companies' goals demonstrate increased customer control over products purchased and satisfaction is therefore increased. Dell has surpassed Gateway in large applications and has also expanded internationally at a greater rate, yet Gateway has made incredible strides in customer driven systems designs, serving well the niche it has largely created. Though Gateway has recently gone through a public overhaul, closing so many retail locations it has largely recovered its strength and continued to serve it market of individual and small business, while still expanding into the high end home entertainment market.

Company Websites


The websites of both Dell and gateway are comparable in that they both serve similar niches in the market. The links are informative and easy to follow. Dell offers a great deal of customer information while including, home/home office, small business, medium and large business, government/healthcare and customer service and support while Gateway tends to offer a more picture driven link system on the initial site to new and special products on sale at this time. (,

Site Strength and Weaknesses

Both sites offer a dynamic presence of the web, with constant support, as they are integral to the Direct marketing strategies of the companies.


The Dell site attracts the viewer with a very professional presentation of service driven products, including directions for customers in a set of a few particular groupings, rather than the product driven site of Gateway. Gateway on the other hand attracts the viewer with the colorful and updated selection of products available daily for the customer and great application descriptions.


The PC industry has had dramatic effects on the culture of the United States and the global economy. The companies in this work have done a great deal to expand the customer need and design of technology, especially with regard to the individual and small business, market, those often creating the real backbone of the world economy. Both companies have been integral in the creation of a customer driven direct marketing niche. The customer driven direct marketing trend has helped increase the self-advocacy of technology buyers, that has expanded across the board into everything from car insurance to health care provision. The companies compete in philosophy and also in market, yet each also provide services and standards to customers that the other does not. Gateway continues to serve the individual while Dell keeps expanding services and customer size.

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