Delta of the Guadalupe River, Texas Research Paper

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¶ … Delta of the Guadalupe River, Texas is a book written by Richard Harold Martin. In this book, he explains in detail about the formation of the Guadalupe River and the Delta basin in Texas. The author describes the formation of the basin and traces it back to the Pleistocene period. He explains that the delta was formed as a result of the interglacial stage of the high seas during the Pleistocene period. When the sea levels fell during the later stages, a substantial amount of erosion took place that resulted in the young delta of the Guadalupe river.

After tracing the history of the delta, he goes on to describe the environment. "The delta plain of the Guadalupe river consists of four distinct environments: distributary channel, natural leevee, marsh and lake." (Richard Martin, p.2). These different environments are identifiable through aerial photographs. There other smaller environment as well that is not very identifiable and so it was not taken into account by the author.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Delta of the Guadalupe River, Texas Is Assignment

The main reason for the formation of different environments and the classification of a delta is based on the depth of water that is deposited there. Based on this factor and the research of others, the author has identified this delta as a lobate delta. This delta is curved or shaped like a bow and its outer margin is facing the sea. This delta has given rise to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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