Dementia and Normal Ageing Old Essay

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In dementia cases, the person may misplace an item and not be able to trace it later on and not even be able to know that the object that they misplaced was theirs or that they need it. A good example is one losing the reading glasses and not even recalling that they need lenses to read, this does not happen with normal aging where the person can lose the glasses but will recall that they need them and retrace their steps to where they misplaced the glasses.

People with dementia will display inability to judge distance or to estimate heights. They may perceive a rung of a ladder or step of a stair to be much higher than it actually is. They also have a tendency of imagining that someone else is in the room if they happen to pass by a mirror. On the other hand, someone aging normally may just have challenges in seeing due to presence of cataracts. The people with dementia can also display various disorientations including the loss of sense of time as well as place. He may not know the time of the day and even not recognize a place they have been for a good number of years before the onset of the condition. There is possibility of the persons changing their personality with the onset of the condition or regularly acting out of character. They can be too careful, suspicious and confused at times.

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Sadly there is no known cure for this condition and once it sets in at the old age, there is likelihood that the person will live with it till death as noted by Guo S. (2012) in the International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. The best that can be done is so be aware of the condition through regular diagnosis then to get the right handling of the person and help that is appropriate to the individual.


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TOPIC: Essay on Dementia and Normal Ageing Old Assignment

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