Demerits of Abortion Essay

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¶ … Abortion Should be Illegal

The recent past has witnessed heated debates on whether abortion should be legalized in different countries across the globe or not. People often have different views on what is right on the topic or wrong. As such, the topic raises concerns for many people globally. The reasons as to why people have an abortion or oppose it vary significantly. The variation in the views has attracted significant political attention with some political activists strongly arguing that abortion should be legalized while others argue for its abolition (Carroll 125). However, I strongly believe that abortion should not be legalized at all cost.

The reason why women should not have an abortion relates to the basic human values. It is appreciable that, the unborn baby has not responsibility to the mother's situation. As such, the unborn requires the provision of rights and opportunities to live, grow, and develop like a normal human being. Women should be humanitarian and become egoistic with the unborn babies. Various alternatives exist for these women. Giving the children opportunities to be adopted by the families in need of children is one among the alternatives available for these women. Therefore, abortion should not be their only option of handling the challenges associated with the unexpected pregnancies. It is also appreciable that nearly all religions prohibit abortion.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Demerits of Abortion Assignment

Religious bodies consider abortion as murder. For example, the Christian religion prohibits abortion and considers it as murder as stated in the Christian doctrines. Abortion has short- and long-term effects on the health of the mother. Abortion predisposes the mother to negative health effects such as excessive bleeding (hemorrhage), increased risk of infections, severe pain, and shock among other short-term effects to the health of the mother. Similarly, abortion has long-term negative effects to the mother such as increased risk of birth complications in the future pregnancies, diseases of the reproductive system, increased risk of infertility and depression. Apart from the health effects identified above, empirical evidence shows that an abortion increases the risks of reproductive cancers such as cancer among the victims of abortion. These health effects affect the health and health outcomes of an individual (TFP 1).

Abortion has negative effects on the mental well being of an individual. The mental problems arise from the fact that, an individual knows that an abortion is murdering an innocent soul. Thus, it predisposes them to depression due to the negative thoughts that affect the emotional and psychological status on an individual negatively. As stated by Carroll, (56), such individuals must not necessarily confess their acts, but the mistake, guilt, or circumstances reveal their behaviors. Abortion creates an unnoticed crisis globally. It destroys the natural bond that exists between a mother and her child. The destruction of the unborn results in the dissolution of the precious bonding glue binding the mother and child… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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