Demographic Transition: England Term Paper

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Figure 2

Demographic Transition in England 1700-2000

Sources: (Clark, 2010; and Slideshare, 2014)

4. Birth Rate in England

From the chart it is clear that the fertility rate or birth rate in England declined sharply beginning in the first two decades of the 1800s. However, the fertility or birth rate rose again briefly in the mid-1800s and them dropped sharply and steadily until the 1970s rising slightly and then beginning a steady decline until the year 2000.

5. Death Rate in England

The death rate in England rose in the first half of the 1700s decade and dropped significantly until 1800 when the death rate rose sharply and leveled out pretty much until about 1850 rising again steadily for about 15 years and since that time steadily declining.

6. Population Rate in England

The population rate in England has risen steadily since the 1700s as illustrated the demographic transition chart in this study and this is despite the fertility or birth rate rising or falling and despite the rising or falling of the death rate in England.

7. Summary and Conclusion

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The birth rate or fertility rates in England fell sharply in the early 1800s and rise again in the mid-1800s followed by a sharp and steady decline until the 1970s when it rose again slightly but has since that time declined steadily. The death rate in England while rising during the first fifty years of the 1700s decade begin a significant decline for the next fifty years when the death rate rose sharply then leveled out for the next fifty years. In 1850 the death rate in England rose steadily for approximately 15 years and has since that time steadily declined. Despite the rising and falling of the birth rate in England and the Death rate the population in England has experienced steady growth since 1700 until the present.


Clark, G. (2010) Mathus to Modernity: England's First Fertility Transition, 1760-1800. Retrieved from:

Term Paper on Demographic Transition: England Assignment

Population Changes in England and Wales 1700-2000 (2014) Slideshare. Retrieved from:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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