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[. . .] The inspector general conducts all criminal, administrative and civic investigations in relation to the violation of the federal rules and laws. The agency audits the contractors and guarantors for the allegations of misconduct on their part.

Productivity and Performance Evaluation

The responsibility of the office of inspector general is to carry out the audits, detect and prevent abuse and fraud, promote efficiency and economy of the administrative and management programs (United States, 2006). This process is extremely critical and requires due diligence in execution. In evaluating the performance and productivity of the programs and individuals within the department, the inspector general office is charged with mandate to view all the reports of the institution being evaluated. The audit is executed on the legislative responsibilities and financial statements. The audits should adhere to the regulations prescribed by the laws governing them.

To attain productivity and performance valuation that is effective, the office has established a sub-department office called the office of evaluation and inspections. This has widened the practice into a wider issue-based point of approach. It executes its duties in all the programs and operations of the department and workers to ensure thorough scrutiny, hence ensuring productivity. The office of management also helps the office of inspector general in providing administrative skills for the office so as to handle the productivity and performance evaluation fully.

The department is therefore obligated to facilitate the office of the inspector general in its duty to evaluate the performance (John, 2011). The act that allows the inspector to have access to all documents and information of the office, or program being evaluated is useful for ensuring that there is efficiency in reports produced. It identifies the reviews and the weakness areas for the federal programs. The office of inspector general uses highly skilled and well trained personnel to achieve thorough and efficient performance and productivity evaluation.

Recommendations for Improving Productivity and Performance Evaluation

In executing the duties designated to the agency, the office of inspector general encounters various challenges. Such challenges are what contribute to the minor inconsistencies observed in conducting valuation and performance. Therefore, to improve this section, I recommend the following actions to the agency to improve. Much as the mission and objective statements are clearly outlined, the agency needs to put in place practices that promote employee involvement in these objectives. The inspector general agency needs to make the workers to feel that they own the goals of the agency. This will help in improving the motivation to work hence performance is improved.

Moreover, the agency has to continue working the relationship between the workers, hence team work. The agency and the persons involved should cultivate team work as this will keep the office of inspector general on toes towards providing effective and efficient performance evaluations. As a team, the agency will achieve more. Moreover, the rigid adherence to routines is also limiting the achievement of the agency. Hence the office of inspector general needs to create flexibility within and adaptability to the environment or office or program that it is evaluating. The agency should also conduct regular performance valuations. With these suggestions in place, the agency will achieve more in evaluating performance and productivity.


The office of the inspector general is thus a key regulatory department in the department of defense. It has significant roles to play in regulating the activities of the ministries and the government operations. The office is also endowed with heavy mandate to audit and investigate, hence needs all the support and cooperation it can get.


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