Essay: Department of Transportation and Airport Landing Slots

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FAA Airline Slots Marketing

The United States government itself should not only allow the slots to be marketed, it should employ a person without formal ties to any of the airlines to market the slots at a profit to generate revenue for the government during a time of severe recession (or any time for that matter). While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been accused of favoring regulatory approaches over non-regulatory approaches Alfred F. Kahn's "special kind of idiocy" can be applied here as well when government creates the market and is not allowed to control the sale of the product or service it produces ("Case Studies on Public Management," p. 2).

The following arguments support my recommendation:


While there may have been too much regulation at the beginning of the Reagan administration, the pendulum has certainly swung the other way by now.


If the FAA to relinquish control over such an important part of the nation's transportation system, why not do so over the road system as well? This is simply because the system is too diverse to allow multiple companies to be calling the shots overall. If taxpayer money is used in the buildup of the network, then it must also be allowed a commanding presence in the distribution of slots in the system it helped to build. This would address Representative Norm Mineta's concern (ibid, p. 1).


This author's position is a compromise between the previous slot allocation system and an all out free market auction. It accommodates both ends of the spectrum. It employs the free market and yet keeps the government fully in the loop with regard to regulating the slot allocations. The ancillary benefit is a source of revenue for the case strapped Federal government during a long recession.

The counter-arguments are as follows:


The market is the best way to regulate supply and demand disparities in any case.

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