Departmental Project Strategic Plan Term Paper

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Departmental Project: Strategic Plan

Departmental project strategic plan

The police department has recently been faced with a surge in violent crimes (homicide, sexual assault and robbery) and it faces increased pressure to address the raise in criminality. In order to attain this objective, it will restructure its internal construction in the meaning that it will add six new departments to the task force aimed at fighting violent crimes. These departments include the following:


Emergency unit

Crime analysis

Citizen complaints


Crime prevention unit.

The administrative department is currently a separate entity, which is too large and too complex to efficiently handle department specific issues. In such a setting then, it will be useful to integrate an administrative division within the new structure of the task force in order to better manage the operations of the unit. The administrators of the task force will have particular skills in administration and will report to their supervisors in the larger administrative department. They will also offer support and guidance to the task force relative to administrative issues, rather than operational. They will, for instance, allocate and review the budgets, comprise the schedules, assign tasks and so on.

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The emergency unit is in charge of quickly intervening and responding to crisis situations. The need for this department is revealed when violent crimes occur and the task force has the ability to intervene in real time, rather than after the fact. This unit will be formed from regular police officers, who have special training in emergency situations. Under regular circumstances, they will act as police staffs, assigned the regular tasks and duties.

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The crime analysis unit is in charge of the forensics of criminality, such as the processing of a crime scene or the analysis of the collected evidence. They provide the material proof to find out what happened in a given situation or to bring the guilty parties in front of justice. This department is essential to fighting violent crimes.

The behavior recognition unit is in charge of assessing the behavior of people, such as suspects, witnesses or other individuals who might play a notable role in helping to solve a crime situation. The behavior specialists have the ability to identify when people are telling the truth or lying, helping as such to advance the investigation. Additionally, behavior specialists can also understand and foresee the behavior of criminals, which would make them more easily to catch and also to stop before committing other crimes. All these features make the behavior unit a valuable component of the crime task force.

The citizens' complaints unit might initially seem as a unit without much relevance for violent crime fighting, but, in essence, it is rather important. While taking complaints from citizens, the task force can identify new crimes, receive valuable information on violent crimes they are investigating, or even understand potential threats and mitigate them. In such a context, the citizen complaints unit will also be integrated within the task force.

The fifth unit -- and the core of the entire department -- is represented by the investigations unit, which will be in charge of assessing crimes, pursuing and solving them. This unit will be at the center of the department and will fully and extensively collaborate with all of the other units in order to gather and process any information linked to a case, such as forensic evidence, citizen complaints, witness testimonies, suspect interrogations and so on.

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