Dependable Distributed Systems Term Paper

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¶ … Distribution Systems

An assessment of Distributed Order Management Web Services transaction velocities and accuracy levels through agent-based, fault-tolerant architectures


Globalization is forcing order management systems that had previously been focused on single or multi-site operation to be increasingly global in scope, operation and transaction support. Correspondingly, the use of Web Services has matured rapidly as a transaction platform due to the widespread adoption of XML standards, the rapid adoption and maturing of agent-based technologies, and the use of routing optimization based on dependable distribution systems.

Papzogglou, Mike (2001). Agent-Oriented technology in support of E-Business; Communications of the ACM. April, 2001 Vol. 44, No.

The key aspects of agents are their autonomy, their abilities to perceive, reason, and act in their surrounding environments, as well as the capability to cooperating with other agents to solve complex problems (p. 72)." key activity in integrated value chains is the collection, management, analysis and interpretation of the various commercial data to make more intelligent and effective transaction-related decisions (p. 76)."

When applied to e-commerce transactions, business agents could simplify the processing, monitoring, and control of transactions by automating a number of activities. Agent support for e-commerce business may, for example, including controlling the workflow governing a set of electronic transactions or monitor and enforce the terms and conditions of electronic contracts (p. 76)."

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K. Hogg, P. Chilcott, M. Nolan, B. Srinivasan. (2004). An Evaluation of Web Services in the Design of a B2B Application. Australian Computer Society. Presented at the Conference in Research and Practice in Information technology. Vol. 26.

A pp. 331-340.

Term Paper on Dependable Distributed Systems Assignment

Web Services are loosely coupled network-accessible interfaces that are described and defined using an XML-based service description document (WSDL). This identifies all details required to access the Web Service, including the message format, transport protocols and network location (p. 333)."

The Web Services model presents the potential to deliver many benefits in the following areas including e-business enablement by Web Service-enabling existing applications, including legacy applications these applications then become accessible and are able… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Dependable Distributed Computing Term Paper

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