Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Term Paper

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Apple's Marketing Strategy

Business Environment: What factors in the Business environment impact the company at this time?(today) How do they impact the company?

Apple continues to successfully orchestrate its strategy to gain the greatest advantage from the series of macro- and micro-environmental factors it contends with daily in the global markets it competes in. The micro-environmental factors include globally entrenched and formidable competitors in the PC industry including Acer, Dell, HP and others (Apple Investor Relations, 2013) in addition to competitors in the high end design systems market and the highly popular smartphone, tablet PC and slimline PC models as well (Cusumano, 2008). Compounding these micro-environmental factors that Apple must contend with is the nature of the supply chain in their industry, including the costs of continually adding new suppliers while achieving a high level of product quality is achieved over the long-term (Apple Investor Relations, 2013).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Assignment

Additional micro-environmental factors include the highly competitive nature of the labor market for qualified engineers in the Silicon Valley in general and Cupertino, California specifically, the home of Apple headquarters. Apple's challenges for continually fueling new, state-of-the-art products is to a large extent defined by how well they manage recruitment and continual development of subordinates. The systematic approach to innovation at Apple has also created a culture that retains and grows the best engineers and also leads to an exceptionally high number of patients given the size of the overall workforce (Cole, Matsumiya, 2007). Apple differentiates their products on usability and the customer experience more than any other manufacturers, and has invested billions of dollars in research & development (R&D), continual process improvement, ergonomics and user studies to perfect their approach to product design (Weiss, 2005). This approach to defining entirely new user experiences proved prescient as it allowed for new markets to be created for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad2 and future devices (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). From a micro-environmental factor standpoint, the user experience being the most significant differentiator for Apple has also given it the ability to mitigate price competition and shift the focus away from features to the value delivered (Weiss, 2005).

From a macro-environment perspective, Apple must contend with many challenging factors and scenarios. First and most significant is the rapidly changing nature of the economic condition of the countries they compete in. The exchange rates, fluctuations in currency levels and the balance of trade with nations relative to the U.S., Apple's nation of residence, all force significant tax costs on the company (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). Second, the chaotic nature political conditions in the Middle East and throughout the high growth regions of Asia are making Apple have to invest heavily in new channel development in these regions (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). Third, the continual pace of new technology development and the need for creating alliances across global partners is an area Apple also invests heavily in to reduce potential risk, especially at the platform level (Cusumano, 2008). The Apple OS X operating system and iTunes are a case in point.

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