Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Essay

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¶ … Apple's Marketing Strategy

Steve Jobs and Steve Worzniak are the founders of Apple Computer Inc. In 1976, apple started manufacturing personalized personal computers. This was after IBM changed personal computers into open systems; Windows Intel systems structure dominated personal computers back then. Apple, formally known as Apple computer Inc. is a multinational organization based in California. The company specializes in developing personal computers, consumer electronics, computer software and hardware. Apple rose in popularity, in the United States, in the year 2008 due to increase in sale margins of the firm. Majority of American consumers purchased iphones increasing revenue of the firm. From the year, 2008 to 2012, Apple sold most of its products in the international market thus making it a global leader in innovation. Apple Company is second after Samsung in revenue collected in the information technology market. It is the third phone maker after Samsung and Nokia. Apple maintains 406 stores all over the world in different regions as well as online stores making it the second largest public traded company by market capitalization universally. Apple's line of hardware includes Macs computer line, the iPhone smart phones, iPad computer tablet and laptops. On the side of software, apple's developments are OS X software, iTunes media browsers, iLife, work and safari browser.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Assignment

Critics fault Apple Inc. For its ignorance on changes of the industrial environment, in 1981, every computer manufacturer had developed its own software and hardware, and technical skilled individuals purchased personal computers. These machines used proprietary systems and were in two streams, the Apple computer system and the IBM system. At this period, Apple was more superior to IBM's system. Apple went further to develop family friendly Apple II system, but did not file for patents, which made its competitors develop cheaper products using Apple's designs. From this period to 1997 IBM had taken over market leadership role in manufacturing of information technology products, the Pc was transformed to open structures during this period computers were separated into CPU, mother board, disk drive and other peripherals.

Separation of Software includes basic input and output, operation systems, computer language, office systems and graphics application. Each of these areas had many providers who competed for the market. Because of this, manufactures like IBM and other big companies preferred to develop hardware products then sought for software products from providers to produce complete computer systems. During this period apple continued to lose its market position because of the following reasons: the company insisted on selling highly priced proprietary systems, Apple produced computer hardware that was not compatible with software developed by providers. Most computer users preferred IBM machines to Apple, so software developers concentrated in developing IBM compatible products. Apple's CPU capacity was low as compared to IBM and other market players. Apple changed its strategy by entering the printing market to make up for losses it had incurred.

The year 1997 came with the advent of internet computer, and during this period Apple Inc. was coming back to the market, Steve Jobs took over the C.E.O's position from Gil Amelio. He stepped as an acting CEO, under Steve's leadership, Apple products underwent a lot of restructuring and transformations he would eventually become the companies CEO to the year 2005 when he lost his life… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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