Description and Evaluation of a Person or Animal Essay

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¶ … Governor

I had an opportunity of meeting the State governor face-to-face in a political meeting. The man, aged around forties had an oval face. He had dark brown hair, which was curly and unusually thick. It covers some part of the forehead as the hair is not properly shaped. He is courteous and handsome. The governor ears are small and tucked within his thick hair. Under the heavy eyeglass that he puts on, lays big and almond-shaped dark eyes. His two curved eyebrows happened to be thin and exceedingly narrow. The nose of the governor is large with a full-lipped mouth. The bushy sideburns that he keeps arched moustache together with unshaven face make him have a messy outlook. He has a large scar on the left side of his cheek near the moustache, which gives him a unique feature when identifying him.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Description and Evaluation of a Person or Animal Assignment

The tense facial expression proves that he is a worried and anxious person as he starts his campaign trail to get another term in office. He is tall and remarkably slim as his length is around 1.75 centimeters and his body weight weighing around 56 kilogram. He has a narrow shoulder as well as narrow wrist with long legs. He walks with calculated moves that give out the feeling that he is a focused and serious man. He loves wearing tennis shoes together with his suit, and that is observable in all his campaigns on television. Many people have come to associate him with that style as that is his trademark. He talks with a commanding voice and use a lot of gestures in his speech. This would make anyone interested to hear him speak. He stands upright and loves singing to maintain the interest of his listeners. He has a smooth and glowing skin that shows that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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