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¶ … human developments it is often necessary to ask important research questions that seek to clarify confusion. The research question that I have chosen to investigate is as follows: What is the relationship between safe sexual practices and adolescent mothers? The hypothesis that I have formulated related to this research question suggests that sexual transmitted diseases (STD) and adolescent mothers are correlated.

Kershaw et al. (2010) research in to the effects of relationships and adolescent mothers contributes to the main points of my research question on the same subject. In this research article, the relationship between adolescent mothers and their respective baby's fathers was investigated. Specifically, this article " aimed to describe relationship dissolution among 295 parenting and non-parenting adolescents over an 18-month period and how it related to STD incidence, " (p.1).

The research eventually concluded that a strong and healthy relationship with baby's fathers is productive in lessoning the incidence of STDs. Although this specific measure is helpful, in more general terms, relationship skills in a prevention program is helpful in reducing HIV and other STDs. The more emphasis there is on relationships themselves, not necessarily with the baby's father, allows for the adolescent mothers to avoid becoming infected with STDs.

In most behavioral and soft sciences, qualitative data is often the prime source of information that is collected by researchers. The difficulty that the subjective nature of qualitative analysis forces researcher to incorporate qualitative analysis as well to meld… [END OF PREVIEW]

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