Design a Long-Term Care Service Delivery System Research Paper

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Long-Term Care Service Delivery System

Design a long-term care service delivery system

Long-term Care Service Delivery System long-term care service delivery system

Willow Oak is long-term care facility whose main aim is to provide health care to people with disabilities long-term illnesses. Just like any other profit making organization, this facility need sound organizational structure and planning. The facility should therefore have a formalized system with clear goals and objective clearly outlined in the organization mission and vision statements. The facility also needs sound management structure that ensures that the various resources available to the organization are focused towards the meeting of the goals. The facility also needs external supervisors who assess its effectiveness in meeting the client's needs and ensure that it remains relevant. This paper is going to focus on the structure of oak Willow nursing facilities, its goals, mission and vision, source of financing and how this system is evaluated.

Organizational Structure of the Facility

Oak willow nursing facility is one of the long-term care facilities found in Virginia Beach in the area populated by people from the upper and middle class. It has about 100 beds one each found in its room. It has nurses, doctors, accountants and an administrator to look over things.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Design a Long-Term Care Service Delivery System Assignment

At the top of the structure of this facilities are the government officials since it is a publicly owned organization and the administrators. The government officials act as the supervisors carrying out several survey to ensure that the facilities is running according to the JCAHO regulations and offer first class services. The administrator is hired by the government official and is in charge of daily management in the facility and ensuring that the organization short-term and long-term objectives and goals are met. Below the chief administrator are other directors. These administrators include the nursing director and rehabilitative services director. Other directors at this level include the head of various departments such as the kitchen, recreational, accounting, social services and admissions department. Below these departmental heads are the charge nurse and assistant director of nursing who are in charge of other nurses who include the LPNs and CNAs. The other frontline workers also fall under this level. They include the doctors, nurses, certified nurse assistants, speech therapist, housekeepers, nurses and nurse practitioners.

The organization is led by an open management system. This system is quick to respond to variations in the environment such as changes in consumer needs. It is also aware of the effect that some of its activities may have on the environment and have taken initiatives to ensure environmental protection in the region it occupies. It carries out environmental assessment and environmental scan to measure the effect of its activities on the environment. The facility also maintains good relations with the community living around it by taking part in initiatives meant to solve problems at the community level. Such initiatives include involvement in garbage collection and cleaning up of the area. It also has programs aimed at benefitting the community such as free training on prevention and screening of terminal illnesses such as breast cancer and heart problems.

Mission statement

The mission declaration of this facility is to make available quality care and maximum quality of life through their services. To achieve this mission, the facility ensures that their clients are served by qualified doctors and nurses. It also offers individualized care to the clients in long-term illness in order to meet their requirements White & Truax, 2007.

In a bid to fulfill this mission, the facility train in team working and retain care givers ensuring continuity in the offering of quality services.

Vision statement

The facility's vision is to be the leading long-term service care giver in the region. To realize this vision the organization Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) rules. This guides the facility towards delivering of first class services.


The organization has several goals which it is bent on achieving in order to fulfill its mission of ensuring quality care and services to its clients. These goals are focused toward ensuring the patient safety. One of the goals of the facility is ensuring that there is the long-term patients are safe when using medications Berkman & D'Ambruoso, 2006.

One of the most important goals of the facility is the provision of an environment that is conducive in preserving and promoting the long-term patient well being physically, mentally and psychologically.

This is accomplished through proper training on the importance of taking the medicine as directed by the doctor and the effects that over dosing or missing of prescription could have on the patients. The organization also ensures that the drugs they administer to patients are from accredited drug suppliers and are safe for use. The medical PR actioners are also taken through regular training ensuring that they are up to on the contemporary medical practices. Another goal of the facility is to reduce the risk associated with infections from health care. Since the patients are in one building and have different ailments, it may be possible to transfer infection from one patient to another Pratt, 2010.

The facility has ensured that this does not occur by adhering high standards of hygiene. Equipment is thoroughly sterilized before being used on the patient and this greatly reduces the chance of transferring infections to the patients.

Services offered at the Nursing Home Facility

The Ombudsman acts as the informer to the residents and their families about services offered in the facility. He gives advice to the people on where to get them He also receives and resolves complaint from the patients and their family Harris-Wehling, Feasley, Estes, & (U.S.), 2011()

The nursing facility offers many services that go towards the meeting of the goals mentioned above. They offer very comfortable and clean lodging. They also offer good diets depending on the needs of each individual resident. They also offer laundry services for the hospital gowns and pajamas. They also offer assistance or supervision to patients who are unable to do them for themselves. This includes toileting, general body cleanliness and grooming, eating and moving around. One of the services that they offer is physiotherapy. Most of the residents in nursing home facility usually need some of physical therapy. This could be as a result of disability or loss of some motor skill Berkman & D'Ambruoso, 2006.

The facilities offer all form of physical therapy from the basic ones to the most complicated. The facility has specialist in these areas who helps patients recover.

The nursing facility also offers medical care to the residents. This ranges from general medical attention to specialized medical care. This is because most residents in the long-term care facilities occasionally need medical attention beside the other daily care such as glooming and help in feeding Beaulieu, 2001.

Nurses in this facility have great experience having worked in the facility for long and are able to provide personalized special care to the patients.

The facility also offers companionship to the residents in the facility. This is because some of these patients have no families or have been abandoned by their families there. The nurses have been trained to offer companionship to the families. They can listen to them and talk about staff. They help these resident feel comfortable around them like real family. They also offer them entertainment making sure that they do not feel lonely.

The facility also offers clinical laboratory services to help in diagnosis of diseases of the residents Beaulieu, 2001.

This tests are used to test the disease progress and identify a certain ailment and on deciding on the most preventive method against a certain ailment. The facility also offers ventilation services to patients requiring long-term ventilator dependent patients. The aim is to help the residents recover to a point where they are able to survive out of the machines. Patients who have shown signs of reduced dependency on the machines are taken through therapy session and given support until they are able to be completely independent of the machines.

Other services

Other services offered by the willow Oak facility is an ethic committee which ensures that the rights of the residents are protected. These rights includes the confidentiality of the patients information, ensure that there is joint decision making between the patient and the doctor. The patient should give informed consent to a certain medical procedure. It also ensures that the doctors and nurses practice fair procedures ensuring the well-being of the patients. To safeguard the patients' privacy, the facility obeys the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). All the employees are supposed to act according to these regulations Beaulieu, 2001()

The facility also offers social support to the residents. The nurses are trained to offer companionship to the resident. They offer companionship and emotional support. They also encourage them and this helps them in surviving the tough times and aids in recovery. They are friendly to the resident and the nurses and the residents… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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