Designer Story Creative Writing

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Designer Story

Now the Whole Team Here: How David Tlale Started from the Bottom and Worked His Way to the Runways

The Future Accountant

David Tlale thought he would become an accountant, specializing in internal auditing. It was something he just happened to be good at, never mind the lack of passion. He hadn't yet found anything that turned him on, so he did what came naturally to him. That was, until his life changed. At Tshwane University, David started hanging out with what he calls the "crazy fashion students." Their suitcases full of sketches and fabrics intrigued him, and David wanted to learn more. The more he learned, the more he knew that fashion was his life's passion and purpose. Fashion, not accounting, was going to be David's future career.

Changing Courses

The shift from accounting to fashion design did not flow well for David. He transferred from Tshwane to Vaal University, entering a four-year fashion design program. His first year, he was just an average student. Yet year by year he improved, putting tremendous pressure on himself to achieve the highest status of being named best student based on an annual fashion show. This inner drive and determination is what propelled David Tlale into the big leagues.

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David had the opportunity to earn both money and experience teaching basic design at Vaal. The teaching gig started first when one of the lecturers took maternity leave. From there, David remained an instructor for nearly five years before he realized he was starting to fall into a rut. He wanted to design, not teach. In 2003, he quit teaching with hardly any savings. With an ambition to build a brand, David left home and started to do it: he started to make dresses for money. He designed anything… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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