Desire Is to Continue Essay

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No artist can simply give up when something goes wrong, or they will never be able to create anything worthwhile at all. I learn from my mistakes instead of allowing them to get the best of me.

Through the ability to create something out of ceramic, I am able to express things that I cannot express in mere words. There are some things in life that speak to the heart rather than to the mind, and for me ceramics is a way to show those things that are directed at emotions and feelings, rather than logic and intellect. That does not mean that people who enjoy ceramics are not intelligent, it only means that there are other ways to express feelings than by a specific choice of words. Sometimes, feelings are so deep that words simply cannot get across what the meaning should be. Art work is another way of expressing the feelings that words just can't get at.

The main reason that I hope to be accepted into graduate school to study Fine Art is not for the professional and social connections it will provide me, although those are significant and important. Mostly, this graduate degree is for me. It is not something to show the world; it is something to show myself, and to remind me to believe it myself and my abilities when I question them.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Desire Is to Continue My Assignment

With this degree, I will have more confidence in the fact that not only do I have the knowledge and skills to create the kinds of work that I wish to create, but that I have been given this knowledge and taught the skills by some of the best individuals who are qualified to do so. With this footing beneath me, I will have stronger belief in my own abilities, and I will also have the opportunity for others who desire to work with ceramics as much as I do to examine my work and pass critical judgment on it, so that I may continue… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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