Detriments of Euthanasia Essay

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With the desensitization of the taking of life, it may be argued as linking in with an increased level of acceptability with reference to other forms of voluntary suicide, as seen with the way social networking has seen numerous groups emerge to support those who wish to commit suicide (Luxton et al., 2012).

Euthanasia may increase social divisions

An area of significant concern may be the way in which social divisions may impact on the practice of euthanasia. In Oregon, where euthanasia is legal, Kaldjian (2001) found that of those requesting euthanasia, 60% indicated that one of the influences was a desire not to be a burden. Invariably, those who are most likely to feel there are a burden will come from backgrounds where they will require a higher level of social support, often families of a lower social or economic status, which may also be aligned with ethnic minorities and lower education (Ward, 1980). The disparities which may lead to the desire to avoid being a burden are known to more prevalent with in ethnic minorities, and disadvantaged social groups, were ironically, there is likely to be a higher level of terminal illnesses at younger ages due to the health disparities (Geiger et al., 2007). Interestingly, it is noted that ethnic minorities tend to have a lower level of trust in authorities with regard to decisions made euthanasia and the overall practice (Ward, 1980).

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Essay on Detriments of Euthanasia Assignment

If increasing numbers of people request euthanasia, rather than live
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