Detroit Institute of Arts Essay

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The woman standing on the beach is showing her legs in a pose that suggests the intention of grabbing her companion's attention, but every silhouette in this painting appears to be living in a world of her own, with her own thoughts and preoccupations. No features are visible, but there are stories to be told with every character.

One of the temporary exhibitions going on at the museum is titled "Motor City Muse: Detroit Photographs, Then and Now."

It is one of those exhibitions that offers a glimpse into an urbane, ephemeral world, great artists like Henry Cartier Bresson, Robert Franck or Bill Rauhauser were able to capture and make it permanent.

Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles," lend by the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, until May 28, 2013, has joined in exhibition the other paintings by Van Gogh at the DIA.

An upcoming exhibition is dedicated to the New York based, contemporary artist, Shirin Neshat's video installations and art photography. The exhibition will be accompanied by a lecture given by Alfredo Jaar on April 3rd, a preview celebration on April 6th, a lecture conversation between the artist herself and Nobel Prize laureate, Shirin Ebadi, moderated by Culumbia University's Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature, Hamid Dabashi.

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Another interesting exhibition, coming up, will be dedicated to the animated film, this time. Starting on Sunday, October 6th, "Watch Me Move, the Animation Show," will be open to those who are keen to find out more about the animation world, as it evolved over a period of 150 years. Personal appearances by contemporary animators at the Detroit Film Theater will punctuate the exhibition.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is two blocks away from, I-94 and its busy intersection with other highways, thus easily accessible from all directions. Street parking is available on all four streets enclosing the museum. There are two parking lots for paid self-parking and also valet parking available.

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Those who want to find out more about a subject or an exhibition, can participate in the museum's daily public or private tours, can listen to one of the multiple lectures or a concert, or try to make art of their own in one of the art workshops.

The museum is kid and family friendly and it offers family group tours and field trips.

There is a Wayne and Joan Webber Education Wing with spaces dedicated to educational programs.

The "Family Sundays" include a puppet performance and various artist demonstrations, each Sunday.

The museum's shop sells jewelry, pottery, books, albums, office stationary, souvenirs, puzzles, exhibition catalogues, DVDs, T-shirts, wall art, accessories, articles dedicated to kids, like toys, books, games etc. Some of them at reasonable prices, some, like some jewelry pieces, porcelain and glass items, especially those supporting the local producers, more on the expensive side.

For food and beverages there are CafeDIA and Cresge Court Coffe Shop that are available for those who want to take a break, find a meeting place or rest and enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite before immersing in the world of art again.

A visit at the Detroit Institute of Arts is overall a pleasant way of spending some time in the world of art, be it in the company of ancient, classical, modern or contemporary art or in pursuit of learning more about techniques, artists and their works of art or about how to become an artist. The stuff is helpful and knowledgeable and someone will always help you… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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