Develop a Change Plan Thesis

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¶ … Change Plan

HR Plan for Sustained Development - Goals and Key Action Steps

The ultimate goal is to create a pleasant and challenging working environment, which supports the organization in reaching its overall growth and development plans. Given the current and past problems, it becomes clear that this goal is to be divided into two categories, which will represent sub-goals, as well as the direction of the future courses of action to be developed and implemented. The goals and the main action steps to be made are succinctly presented below:

Creating a pleasant working environment, in which all employees are accepted, cherished and feel at ease; this approach will increase their morale and consequently their efforts in sustaining the organization reach its objectives. The key action steps to be implemented in this direction revolve around the creation of a strong corporate culture. It could be achieved through the following steps:

a. Mission and vision statements could be developed and promoted internally through their inscription on company products, such as calendars, bag-packs, coffee mugs, markers and so on. The mission statement would revolve around the strength of the company, its ability to make a difference within the industry and the community, the focus on the full satisfaction of the customers needs through the offering of high quality products and services, delivered by skilled and committed employees.

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b. The emphasis on cherishing cultural diversity. The first stages of the employment process should consider the diversity of the staff members and culturally diverse individuals should be hired at all organizational departments.

c. The company's management should also focus on the socialization of their employees. They should organize fun events outside the office. This would help the employees get to know each other better, and more fruitfully interact in the working environment.

Thesis on Develop a Change Plan Assignment

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