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¶ … Operational Plan

Development and Implementation of Operational Plan

Just a few years ago, hotel restaurants were generally nothing to brag about, but things have changed in substantive ways in recent years. Today, the competition is fierce among hoteliers to provide their guests with the best in what is available locally and from around the world to help draw them into their facilities and keep them there. To this end, this paper provides an operational plan for a hospitality enterprise for the refurbishment of the Lake House restaurant located within the Lake House hotel, Daylesford, Victoria. A description of the company and the restaurant to be refurbished is provided below, followed by the aim of the operational plan, the internal and external business environment in which the business competes, operational details and some human resources considerations. An assessment of the financial and technological requirements for the project is followed by a description of the monitoring responsibilities for the refurbishment project as well as the internal and external factors that may affect the operational plan.

Company description.

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The enterprise to be refurnished pursuant to this operational plan is Lake House, Daylesford, Victoria; this restaurant has been consistently voted one of Australia's best regional restaurants that offers fine dining by the water, with deluxe accommodations (Meryment, 2006). The London Sunday Times proclaims this restaurant to be "Daylesford's Best Kept Secret" and calls it, "A seducing restaurant, Lake House is one of the leading boutique hotels in the world" (in Meryment, 2006 at p. 3). Another guest reports that, "The Lake House is a graceful retreat with an emphasis on art, food and urbane indulgence and now suitable equipped with a centre of pummels and bubbles" (in Meryment, 2006 at p. 3). A representative view of the hotel is provided in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Lake House, Daylesford Victoria.


Some of the highlights of the restaurant are provided in Table 1 below.

Table 1.

Term Paper on Develop and Implement Operational Plan Assignment

Highlights of Lake House, Daylesford Victoria restaurant.

Feature Description Alla Wolf-Tasker Executive Chef Country Restaurant of the Year 47 Chefs Hats Restaurant description the Lake House dining room sunlit by day, boasts magnificent views through its large expanse of windows. At dusk, the kookaburras fly in to be fed on the outdoor terraces. The restaurant glows with the magic and romance of candlelight. A log fire provides a warm welcome this winter. Contemporary Australian cuisine Lake House showcases a menu which pays homage to the best available seasonal produce and the efforts of our regional suppliers. A team of talented, dedicated young cooks under the direction of Executive chef Alla Wolf Tasker work from the ground up producing virtually everything on the premises. Winter is here and with it the much longed for rains. The heat in the ground stored over the long hot summer and this welcome deluge have produced the biggest mushroom crop I've seen in years. We've all been out gathering slippery jacks and saffron milk caps in the forest, sharing the bounty with some of our colleagues in city restaurants. Local chestnuts are here again, as well as many of the delicious root vegetables coming from local organic farms. Celeriac and Jerusalem artichokes may not win brownie points in the glamour stakes but make a welcome appearance, as well as luscious sweet carrots just pulled from the paddock. Local wild bunny is available on occasion. We combine it with the more readily available farmed rabbit for a flavour boost. Spring lamb is just around the corner but meanwhile we are taking the opportunity to indulge in some delicious slow cooked lamb shoulder. Desserts feature the last of the season s apples, pears and quinces as we await the arrival of the best of the citrus season. The Lake House Cellar is regarded as one of Australia's best and is the annual recipient of New York Wine Spectator's Best of Award for Excellence. The Cellar is one of the most popular private dining rooms in Victoria. A great way to celebrate - the Cellar can fit 14 people around the hand crafted oak table amongst the Lake House Cellar collection.


Aim of the operational plan.

The aim of the operational plan is to refurbish the Lake House Cellar to accommodate 28 people instead of the existing 14-person limit.

Internal and external business environment.

According to information provided by the Age Company (2004), "Daylesford is a resort town situated on a ridge which is over 600 metres above sea-level. It is located 111 km north-west of Melbourne and 45 km north-east of Ballarat. The mountain scenery, forestry and recreation areas contribute to the town's relaxing air" (p. 3). During the heyday of Daylesford's formative gold rush period, a number of Italians and Swiss moved here and.".. their influence on the gardens and architecture has been profound; bestowing upon the town a European feel" (Daylesford, 2004, p. 3). Daylesford is widely known as a popular spa destination based on its natural attributes of mineral water that is believed to have a curative effect and which is now the basis of the town's existence. According to this authority, "In conjunction with the adjacent town of Hepburn Springs, with which it is closely interconnected by urban sprawl (combined population: 5500), Daylesford is known as the 'Spa Centre of Australia' with 50 per cent of the country's known and active mineral water outlets and another 30 per cent located nearby" (Daylesford, 2004, p. 4).

The Lake House is a highly popular destination but the hotel management believes that the biggest draw is its restaurant. Indeed, the Lake House Cellar has been one of the more profitable areas of the restaurant's operation, and management believes that by doubling its capacity, this profitability can be further improved.

Operational details (new systems and procedures).

All existing procedures and protocols will remain in place in the newly refurbished facility with the exception of the addition of a computer-based ordering and order-fulfillment application for the Lake House Cellar.

Human resources/labour requirements.

According to Kane and Personick (1993), hotels are already dangerous places to work, and the addition of construction to the mix will require careful preparation and education of the staff members. These authors emphasize that, "Working round-the-clock shifts, hotel staff face a variety of safety and health risks, such as disabling falls on slippery floors; bums from preparing hot food or using caustic laundry and cleaning compounds; and sprains from handling furniture and other heavy objects" (Kane & Personick, 1993, p. 36).

Financial requirements.

Cost estimates for the refurbishing project envisioned herein are for $3,250,000, which the hotel manager anticipates being recouped within a 5-year period based on improved facilities and efficiency of operation.

Technological requirements.

As noted above, a new, state-of-the-art computer-based menu and ordering application is being installed as part of the refurbishment project to facilitate ordering and order fulfillment by restaurant staff to the Lake House Cellar patrons.

Monitoring and evaluation (quality management).

Compliance with relevant building code requirements and project specifications will be the overall responsibility of the general contractor (McDowell, 2000), but will be overseen on a day-to-day basis by the restaurant general manager.

Internal and External Environmental Factors.

Legal and ethical issues. As noted above, compliance with building code requirements and project specifications will remain the responsibility of the general contractor.

Trends and developments in the marketplace. According to Lee (1998), there have been some substantive changes in the hotel restaurant industry that make the refurbishment envisioned herein all the more important to the success of both the hotel and the restaurant in question. This author reports that, "Years ago, the mere idea of hotel food, even at many fine hotels, brought the same look of disgust to people's faces a-s airline food does today. But now people return from trips raving about… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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