How to Develop Good Leaders Assessment

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If after 6 months, I have not accomplished my goal I can look at what worked and what did not work.

AC 2.3 Devise an implementation process for the development plan. 

An implementation process for the development plan that I could use must include an action plan and timetable along with resources needed to implement it effectively. My action plan would be (a) to define the vision that I want to communicate, (b) survey the team to find out what they need in terms of intrinsic motivation, and (c) develop the website where the team can communicate with one another and provide feedback for me. My timetable is to implement the plan within a month. The resources I would need would be an IT team that could develop the website for my virtual team members so that we can communicate more effectively, I can post items (particularly messages regarding the vision of the organization and reminders or motivators to promote esteem among workers), and where I can receive feedback from the team. I would also need a survey instrument from HR to survey the team to find out their needs so that I can more effectively motivate them.

In terms of the action plan and time table, the implementation process would look like this:

Week One:

Item 1. Define the vision that I want to communicate to my virtual team that will reflect the organizational aim that we must achieve.

Item 2. Communicate this vision in a virtual meeting with the team.

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Item 3. Develop a plan to reinforce the vision routinely by meeting with IT and HR to (a) develop a website for the team that will facilitate communication between me and the team and (b) obtain a survey that I can use to better understand the best ways to motivate the team—i.e. by understanding their needs.

Week Two:

Item 1. Introduce the website to the virtual team and re-post the vision in a communication stapled to the e-bulletin board.

Item 2. Invite the virtual team to chat on the site with other members, post questions, respond to questions, and provide feedback.

Assessment on How to Develop Good Leaders Assignment

Item 3. Post the survey provided by HR to be completed by the virtual team by week’s end.

Week Three:

Item 1. Process the data from the survey with the help of HR and analyze the data to identify the most common needs of the virtual team members.

Item 2. Develop motivational approaches designed to effectively address those needs.

Item 3. Communicate the motivators to the virtual team on the site.

Ongoing: Measure performance by reviewing call analytics every 2 months.

Task 3

3.1 Assess the achievement of outcomes of the plan against strategic needs. 

Currently there is a strategic need to increase the number of calls handled by the virtual team that I oversee. This required me to develop my own strategic leadership plan. My plan was to promote the vision of the organization by providing a better source of communication through which I could keep the vision before the virtual team with routine communications, and by motivating the workers, which I judged should lead to improvements in performance—namely the increase in the number of calls that my virtual team handles. At the time, the team handled 1.4 calls per hour and I wanted to get that number up to 3 calls per hour within 6 months.

After 3 months, my development plan is working. So far, the virtual team has improved its calls per hour to 2.0. This is a significant improvement as it constitutes approximately a 30% improvement in just three months. The website is helping to drive communication and feedback among the virtual workers, and the feedback that I am getting is positive.

I attribute the increase in productivity and performance among the virtual team to: (a) my routine communication of the organizational vision to the team, (b) the facility of the website for the team members, which allows me to engage with them, them with me, and them with one another, and (c) my application of motivators that has helped to build esteem among the members. As Grama and Todericiu (2016) note, the more positive the environment, the more likely workers are to be willing to put in the extra effort to increase performance. My ability to motivate them by communicating positive, supportive and respectful and appreciative messages to them has helped. I routinely congratulate them on minor accomplishments and celebrate every victory, which is in keeping with the message of Chang and Lee (2007)—namely, that leaders celebrate workers’ accomplishments and help to build esteem so that they have a desire to constantly strive for perfection.

I am to continue to send supportive and encouraging messages to the team, for, having identified their needs, it is important to see that they are met. I also plan to survey the team in the future to see if those needs have changed. This way I can get out in front of any potential resistance before it surfaces.

3.2 Evaluate the impact of the achievement of objectives on strategic leadership 


Using the GAP analysis model, I can evaluate the impact of the achievement of objectives on strategic leadership ambitions.

The current state is that the virtual team needs to increase its call handling per hour. For that to happen, I have to develop my leadership skills, particularly in the areas of communication, support and administration. If I can improve and develop in these areas, I should be able to help the team achieve its performance objectives.

Currently, my communication skills have improved in terms of how routinely I communicate the vision of the organization to the team so that it is always before their eyes. Alos-Simo et al. (2017) show that in order to facilitate the performance of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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