Developing a Marketing Mix for My Brand Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan- Julia Grant

Marketing Plan: Julia Grant, Freelance Fashion Stylist / Consultant

Business Overview

In the 2008 industry outlook report for the designer fashion market in Australia, revenue from the retail clothing industry will grow 16.3% until 2013, with an annual growth rate of 3.1%. Further, the report identified Australian states wherein key markets can be tapped:

(1) New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland- majority of apparel sales

(2) Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth- high fashionable boutiques

(3) Melbourne- mass market retail, like Myer, Coles (owner of Target and Kmart)

(4) Sydney- headquarters for David Jones, buying centre for tourists, duty free outlets

(5) Queensland- designer fashion, resort, swimwear, and leisurewear

In addition to growth in these markets, the emergence of Internet technologies made it possible for fashion designers to market their creations through online retailing (or e-tailing). Fashion e-tailers have expanded the Australian designer fashion market towards a more global scope, encompassing Asian and even North American and European markets.

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These growth areas in the Australian designer fashion market provide new opportunities for up-and-coming creative fashion designers to further enhance the growth of the industry through these identified markets. This business environment is especially favorable for freelance fashion stylists/designers, whose innovative designs and global approach to marketing allow them to market their services and clothing line to a broader audience. Because of the broad scope of marketing involved in e-tailing, fashion stylists / designers further reinforce their style identities to further differentiate themselves from a the highly competitive designer fashion industry, both in Australia and worldwide.

II. Brand Profile

TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Developing a Marketing Mix for My Brand Assignment

Julia Grant is the foundation of JG Creative direction. As a freelance fashion stylist / consultant, JG specializes in high-end conceptual-based editorial of art and fashion magazines, including advertising for selective champagnes and special projects focusing on runway, music and film styling. Working for both Australian and international brands, JG creates a Unique Aesthetic Experience, expressing Artisanship and Creative Integrity, the driving forces behind all JG projects. Highly influenced by fashion history, music, art and film, JG considers styling as a medium of choice where Optimistic and Innovative Ideas can be expressed.

JG's brand philosophy:

The identity of JG Creative Direction is imagery. She is Strong, Independent with a sense of Mystery and Intrigue. She has her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds; at times unpredictable, but always in control. Living to inspire, reflecting the Italian mantra: La Bella Figura: Dressing and behaving with a sense of style.

JG reflects the global fashion stylist of today, altering the idea of what is possible, that the ability to perceive a reality beyond the status quo is to be able to make a difference to it. This requires having a vision of what is "optimistically innovative" in fashion, which JG believes to be shaping the culture of the new decade, allowing JG to go beyond and endure new visions for each respective clientele. Working with a supporting group of Australian artistic talent -- photographers, models, designers, hair and make-up artists -- JG strengthens her creative and personal idiom, allowing her stylistic visions to become a reality.

III. Brand Positioning

As a freelance fashion stylist, JG works with niche clothing labels and magazine agents.

Working with niche clothing labels, JG has the experience, training, and innovative competitive edge necessary to break out from a highly competitive area of expertise. Creating a balance between global marketing competitiveness and development and creation of innovative ideas, JG's style image can be considered Bold, Inventive, and alternately Unique Tailored.

As designer/stylist to fashion magazines, JG recognizes the need… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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