Creating a Learner centered Assessment Term Paper

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Upon completion and submission of the test by the students, I made several observations when checking their responses. First, most of the students demonstrated understanding of the learning content in relation to the topic. They provided clear feedback and demonstrated critical thinking skills when answering the questions. Secondly, there was improved student achievement in this learner-centered assessment, which was brought by mastery of the learning content and enhanced critical thinking skills.


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The completed assignments provided significant insights on students’ progress in learning on the topic of Civil Rights. As previously indicated, most of the students demonstrated mastery of the learning content and improved critical thinking skills. Some of the questions included in the study focused on examining students’ understanding of issues relating to the Civil Rights movement and its influence on the American society. The students demonstrated mastery of learning content through providing well-explained answers to these questions in a manner that reflected what was learned in the classroom. Moreover, as shown in their responses, students demonstrated critical thinking skills on questions that required examining the issue of Civil Rights and its applicability in modern United States. The assessment provided the intended benefits for students and matched the predictions listed in the planning segment of this report. In this case, the results demonstrated students’ significant progress in learning and improved critical thinking skills. If the assessment would not have achieved the intended results, I would have revised it through obtaining feedback from students and incorporating them when designing a new learner-centered assessment.


Term Paper on Creating a Learner centered Assessment Assignment

Based on the outcomes of these assessment, I would not revise it since the objectives were achieved. Additionally, I would not revise the assessment since it provided intended benefits for students in line with the predictions. Therefore, this assessment is suitable toward enhancing student learning since it focuses on progress in learning and provides opportunities for students to learn through developing critical thinking skills. I will utilize this assignment in the next cycle by incorporating as part of the unit of study and administering it at the end of the unit. I would also collaborate with other teachers to help improve the assessment from time to time in order to enhance its effectiveness in promoting student learning.

In conclusion, student-centered assessments have become crucial components in the modern learning environment. These types of assessments play an important role in evaluating students’ progress in learning as well as providing them opportunities for learning. As shown in the discussion, Plan-Do-Study-Act is an appropriate technique for the development of a learner-centered assessment. This technique provides a comprehensive approach for examining all issues relating to the student-centered assessment. As a result, it helps ensure that the assessment is in line with the desired goals and objectives.


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Appendix: Learner-centered Assessment

1. Who were the key leaders of the civil rights movement?

2. What was the main goal of these civil rights leaders and activists during the 1960s?

3. What rights were worth fighting for during the civil rights era?

4. In your opinion, what was the major contribution of the civil rights movement to the American society?

5. Based on what you have learned in this course; how did the civil rights activists contribute to the development of the United States?

6. How has this unit changed your perspective regarding the civil rights and its role in the United States?

7. Do you think that civil rights movement is an important topic in history? Why?

8. How would you change teaching styles on this topic to enhance understanding of the issues relating to the civil rights movement?

9. In your assessment, what… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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