Developing a Timeline on History of Education Research Paper

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1911 -- saw commencement of sex segregation in schools that fizzled out in 1915

1918 -- saw the National Women's Trade Union League, having been formed in 1903, hold a conference that empathized on educational equity and the need for each student, regardless of the gender, to access the co-education in all the trades hence the female students would have the same access as their male counterparts (University of Michigan, 2014).

The "Collegiate Ideal" and Black Colleges

1878 The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute began admitting Native Americans.

1881 -- Foster helped in the establishment of the Negro Normal School in Tuskegee, and was authorized to operate separately from the state of Alabama.

1887 -- there was establishment of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and was a State Normal College for Colored Students. This was Florida's land grand institution for African -- Americans.

1890- there was the passing of the Morrill Act that provided for the access to education by everyone, even if it was in separate but equal institutions.

1896 -- the Plessy V. Fergusson established separate-but-equal public facility that had an effect on how higher education taught African-Americans and also henceforth how the institutions for the African-Americans were created.

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1906 -- there was formation f the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity which as a Black Greek -- letter founded in Cornel University to help form brotherhood that would see the African-Americans and the minorities have a better say in matters academics.

1910 -- There was establishment of North Carolina College for Negroes.

World War I and the Colleges

1914 -- by this time, there were numerous students in college. The WWI as it progressed saw many of them volunteer for war in the year 1914, there was also a good number of staff members.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Developing a Timeline on History of Education Assignment

1914 to 1918 -- This period saw the most important contribution from students being the invention of the scientific advances that were made in the war (Imperial College London, 2007).


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