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Thus many sources were tied together to attempt to create a unifying set of rights for children that can be governed by the United Nations.


The first article in the declaration simply defines the child as someone under the age of eighteen. This is something of an arbitrary date in my opinion. For example, if someone is eighteen years old and one day, then they have a different set of rights and responsibilities as they did the previous day. However, the definition of adulthood must be established somehow and an arbitrary date is probably the easiest way to do so. The second article ensures the rights of children even if their parents or legislative authorities have a different opinion based on race, sex, color, etc. This protects children from discrimination.

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Most of the rest of the articles are about the protection of children in one respect or another. They cover topics as a child who is missing an identity as should be granted one. Or if a child is displaced then they should be relocated to an appropriate physical location. However, beyond these basic protections, one of the interesting aspects to the declarations is that it gives children the freedom of association and the freedom of peaceful assembly. This is interesting because it is not exactly practiced much and it has a lot of potential to change the political landscape. Consider climate change for example, this is going to affect the people who are currently going through their childhoods more so than the generation that is currently in power. Thus if children were to organize, as some have, and had their voices heard, then they might be able to achieve some intergenerational equality in the treatment of the world's ecological issues.

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