Deviance Historical Records Essay

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Survey research is accurate and consistent (Alder & Alder, 2012). It is, however, expensive, time consuming, unreliable as it has some validity inconsistencies. Field research is accurate and subjective as researchers make observations support the information they gather from the research. It takes a lot of time and is not easily affordable. It is also quite difficult to reach many people so as to conduct research.

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Several articles have been written to look into the issue of deviant behavior. One such article is the article that tried to answer the Question; is deviance "dead"? The author of this article wanted to know whether whatever Sumner said about the decline of sociological deviance was factual. Sumner had written an article named "an obituary." This study was to about the death of sociology of deviance. According to Sumner, there were no more studies on deviance carried out from 1975. The author of this article, Best sets out to try and find out whether Sumner was actually right. He looked into most of the works by sociologists and found out that the researchers conducted by sociologists were in other fields especially criminology. There were only about two articles from 1975. Best also took time to look into citations by several scholars. They then analyzed these citations and made their conclusive findings. According to Goode, the study of deviance is not dead because there are still many deviant cases that are being recorded. He also states that students are still being enrolled in the deviant class (Best, 2004).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Deviance Historical Records Deviance Is Assignment

The other article is about homosexuality as deviant behavior. This article tried to look into people's ideas on their perception of homosexuality as deviance. The issue of lesbianism is also looked into so as to determine how the sexual orientation has become a prevalent issue is many institutions. Travis has used the method of interviewing gays, lesbian and bisexuals. The data that was filled by these people was meant to determine whether people considered the sexual orientation of homosexuals deviant (Alder & Alder, 2012). The finding showed that what was considered deviant in women did not happen to the men.

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Differential social power can be defined as the different attitudes that people develop towards other people in different strata. These behaviors or attitudes that people of a higher stratum have influence people in the lower strata. The hierarchy in society has led to people competing against each other. Since the society stresses on the gratification that comes with goal achievement, many people have strived to reach these goals so as to improve their status in the society. In the case of a school, colored students have been said to be looked down upon by the Caucasian (Alder & Alder, 2012). People have a tendency to believe that with money comes power and that they can achieve anything. As a result people would do anything to attain the goals that society has set. The institutional procedures have since been considered ineffective as the society has become eroded. Cultural outlines idolize money more than the things money does. People do not care how they get money as long as they are gratified in the society. Emile Durkheim talks of tranquility that can be related to the pressure that classism has exerted on people. The emphasis that society has on the "American Dream" is one aspect that brought out the issue of the end and the means (Alder & Alder, 2012). Social stratification has led to people being deviant so as to meet societal goals. This has in turn made people consider the end more important than the means.


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