Deviance Proposition: The Main Purpose Research Paper

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Proposition: The main purpose of a prison sentence should be reforming the offender.

With the increase in the crime rates and recidivism, there is need to absolutely revamp our prisons to be and be seen to be the centers for reforming offenders in order to curb the rise in crime and have a better society generally, however this is hardly the case in the current American society.

The conditions of the prisons today in the U.S.A. do not in any way give indication or room for them to act as reform centers. The conditions of the American prisons are drug riddled, congested, inhumane treatment exists from fellow inmates and guards, poor medical attention, sexual abuse is a commonplace and immortality rate at an all time high (Prison Policy Initiative, 2011). In as much as successive governments pass legislations to try and lead the institutions towards more rehabilitation than retribution and to curb recidivism, the results are yet to be seen. Instead, with the rise in the population of the prisons within the U.S.A., the above mentioned conditions are getting worse. Jeffrey Ian (2006) in his article "Jailhouse Blues" indicates that by 2004, a whopping 3.5% (7 million) of the entire American population was confined in some form of correction facility.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Deviance Proposition: The Main Purpose of a Assignment

The correction department has also failed to offer the rehabilitative service and yet that is the purpose for which they are instituted. There have been several initiatives targeting the officials within the correction departments as well as the inmates. Some of the outstanding ones known are postsecondary Education (PSE) and the evidence-based programs in various states like the "justice reinvestment" in Travis County among others. Most of these focus on constituting a better rehabilitation program, but above all, a proper re-integration into the society after the sentence period. This is coupled with strengthening of the probations with an aim of curbing recidivism. This resounds well with only some few social behaviorists who believe the kind of habit one portrays is a reflection of what they see in the society. However, there are many who do not believe in the notion that a stronger and better planned probation has the ability to reduce significantly the rates of recidivism. However, Dr. Tony Fabelo (2009) pioneered a project called the 'justice reinvestment' in Travis County aimed at revamping and rejuvenating the probation process. What he found at the end was that a working and well structured probation system, that is evidence based as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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