Diabetes Management Early Detection Term Paper

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Small but significant reduction in blood glucose levels. Patients in the intervention group reported more confidence in their medications as prescribed but they expressed more doubt about their ability to manage their diabetes in general

172 diabetes patients 18 to 64 years of age - 87 Standard Disease Management

remote monitoring by cell phone, Symcare Glucometer and Bluetooth Cradle

85 Standard Disease Management with Remote Monitoring

DM plus group reported greater satisfaction with their disease management experience in terms of believing program staff were helpful, articulate, better educated, and accessible. The results also showed the DM-Plus group improved self-care and had more stable glycemic control.

Referred through various sources, including a review of new hospital admissions that identifies patients with specific diagnoses monitoring services system has "…contributed to reduction in hospitalization rates among congestive heart failure patients, from 19% to 12.2% at the end of 2007. During the first quarter of 2008, the hospitalization rate for telehealth patients dropped to 8%." ( ) In addition, the telehealth system has enhanced productivity; the patient load for telehealth RN is higher than that of visiting home health nurses. Telehealth RNs can conduct 6-8 visits per day, versus 5 for home health nurses, by eliminating travel time to remote areas. The system has enhanced RN productivity; the patient load for telehealth RNs is higher than that of visiting home health nurses

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Other studies reported by Weinstock and Starren (2006) include the following and their findings: (1) In a randomized trial (Medicare/type 1 dm / 1yr/control and intervention group/improvement reducing average blood sugar levels from 8.35 to 7,42%/less response in control group; (2) Studies document that telehomecare and remote monitoring improve knowledge of patients concerning self-management of diabetes and brought about improvement of patient self-monitoring and improved quality of ambulatory care for the disease."

Summary and Conclusion

TOPIC: Term Paper on Diabetes Management Early Detection and Assignment

Home monitoring of individuals with diabetes has been shown to be effective in the management of diabetes.


Zieger, Anne (2009) Studies Offer Mixed Grades for Remote Diabetes Care. 6 July 2009 Retrieved from FierceHealthIT at: http://www.fiercehealthit.com/story/studies-offer-mixed-grades-remote-diabetes-care/2009-07-06

O'Reilly, Caryl Ann (2005) Managing the Care of Patients with Diabetes in the Home Care Setting, Diabetes Spectrum, July 2005. Vol. 18. No. 3. Retrieved from: http://spectrum.diabetesjournals.org/content/18/3/162.full

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