Diary of Main Character of a Book Term Paper

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Diary of a Main Character

The Diary of Laura Finnegan from Bittersweet Sixteen

September 10th know I should feel lucky to be at Tate. it's a great school, will give me a quality education, blah, blah, blah. But what good is that when all I talk about in the locker room is not as, but how to develop my abs?

It's like that old Alanis Morisette song: "Isn't it ironic." Isn't it ironic that your designer handbag was made in a Third World sweatshop, but you're volunteering to save the poor to boost your resume for Harvard? Thank goodness I know where my clothes come from -- my sewing machine! Just a few stitches and some quality fabric and I can make something that looks like designer duds for a dime!

September 23rd

So my parents always say -- stay focused. Remember, Laura, it's all about goals and your future. Which is great and all if you're a middle-aged NYU professor with a kid, right, and married? But when Whitney Blake goes vamping through the room, it's hard to not to just want to be like that -- to be like Whitney.

4. October 2nd

Looking back on some of my entries and feeling pretty down about myself. I think: 'I have to do well in school because I'm not rich and pretty like Whitney. If I was like Whitney, it would be enough simply to exist, I wouldn't have to work so hard.' I tell myself that work is good, but working hard doesn't always feel that rewarding. Sometimes just having a guy give me a second glance, or having someone ooh and ah at what I just bought would be nice too.

5. October 5th feel like -- oh my God, there is no comparison because this is the best thing ever -- Whitney was actually nice to me today!

6. October 17th

Okay it's official. I am Whitney Blake's friend and research assistant. Whitney is going to have the blowout Sweet Sixteen party of the century. Who would have ever thought that the fact that I can SEW my own fashions would impress… [END OF PREVIEW]

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