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Diekema, Douglas S. (2012). Improving childhood vaccination rates. New England Journal of Medicine, 266(3), 391-394

The primary concern of Diekema (2012) is the sheer number of parents, who are refusing to vaccinate their children for a wide number of reasons,

The author provides a number of reasons for why parents do not want their children vaccinated. Some base their opinions out of religious reasons; while others think that the vaccines themselves are more harmful than good. Then, there are the parents who just do not want to see their children suffer through the act of the vaccination itself and so avoid it as to not cause their children an undo pain. Yet, the reasoning these parents choose is skewed. Many of these parents were vaccinated themselves. As such, they have very little first hand experience with major diseases like polio or the measles. They have never experienced the painful and debilitating symptoms of such diseases which are now preventable through modern medicine. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding and refusal to vaccinate their children is becoming a major problem. The author presents a number of cases in states all over the country where preventable diseases are rising in greater numbers, most likely attributed to the fact that so many parents are opting out of vaccinating their children.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Diekema, Douglas S. (2012). Improving Assignment

Diekema (2012) claims that something must be done. He admits that there will be some parents who will simply refuse to vaccinate their children, and thus efforts on educating them should not be wasted on this group. Instead, Diekema (2012) suggests that public health authorities should focus on trying to educate parents who are not so strong in their convictions, but may just be misinformed or confused. The more children who are vaccinated the better for the whole population. Thus, public health initiatives should work on trying to persuade parents who are already on the fence about vaccinations so that more children are protected. Physicians can also play a large role in trying to persuade parents because parents trust their pediatricians who they have worked with since the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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