Diet Analysis I Am Female Essay

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I am not sure that I would attempt to double my caloric intake, as I might prefer not to maintain weight but to lose it. In addition, such a change would be quite dramatic and I am unsure how my body would react to doubling my caloric intake. However, an increase of 20% might be beneficial, especially if there are nutritional deficiencies.

The other issue that I noticed with my diet is that I was off on two of the three elements of the macronutrient distribution. I eat a lot of protein. While my consumption falls just outside of the AMDR for protein, and I supplement my protein with protein powder, I feel that this is justified given my exercise level. Indeed, if I increased my calorie intake without increasing protein, my protein consumption levels would fall within the AMDR for protein.

With carbohydrates, I have generally kept those to a minimum in my diet. Carbohydrates can provide valuable energy, especially for exercise, but they also have a reputation of sticking to people's bodies. My consumption of carbohydrates is therefore below the AMDR for carbs. Given that I need to boost consumption of calories in general, it is reasonable that I do this mainly with carbohydrates. There are ways to do this that will only slightly increase the size of meals, for example adding more brown rice. I would still avoid bread, but could add the healthier, more fibrous carbs like brown rice. Many fat-laden carbs would still be avoided (like tortillas and industrial bread, for example).

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I found that my consumption of fat is a little bit below the AMDR as well. Certainly if I increase my caloric intake my fat consumption will be below the optimal, throwing my macronutrient distribution out of balance. As a result of this finding, I will perhaps increase my fat content in my diet. I will not add much fat -- my target would be at the bottom end of the AMDR -- but I can do this with a small piece of cheese or some other natural fat content that would boost my protein. I might also consider adding fat via my carbs with either a fatty bread something like that. The key is that I cannot add too much fat to my diet, and if I do it will be something healthy and natural.

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Overall, this exercise was quite valuable for me. Since I exercise a lot, my diet reflects that, and I have generally been seeking the right balance for myself in terms of diet and exercise. Knowing what I know now, I can make some adjustments to perhaps optimize my food consumption. I would like to be able to sustain over the long run a high level of energy along with being able to maintain a healthy weight, allowing myself the flexibility to lose a little bit of weight… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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