Diet as an Effective Treatment Term Paper

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Excessive amounts of a particular vitamin or mineral and a substantially low amount on the other nutrients needed by the body can trigger serious health illnesses to develop. Overnutrition usually develops as a result of an individual's lifestyle, wherein alcoholism, smoking, and eating patterns and habits alter the body's proper functioning. Like undernutrition, the elderly also become vulnerable to overnutrition, which is one common result of aging. Subsisting to alcoholism and/or smoking can result to high blood pressure or cholesterol, which can lead to heart diseases. Similarly, "fad diets" and other new forms of food diets that deprive an individual from receiving equal amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients in the body often result to an instability in the body's supply of nutrients. Improper food diets lacking vegetables and fruits or meat and protein-rich foods can eventually lead to the development of chronic illnesses (Beers and Berkow 2003). Overnutrition is mainly characterized by "abdominal findings," which often concerns the internal organs in the body affected by the following lifestyles enumerated a while ago. However, one of the most evident effect and symptom of overnutrition is the alteration of one's behavior, such as the development of increased anxiety, depression, and/or irritation (Grigsby 2002).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Diet as an Effective Treatment Assignment

It is evident that malnutrition is a prevalent health disorder that can result to death if it goes undetected or no immediate and proper medical intervention is used. In America, overnutrition occurs in almost 1.1 million Americans through obesity and overweight conditions (AHA 2003). On the other hand, undernutrition is prevalent in 13 million American children as a result of food insufficiency due to improper food diets (Guarino 2002). Thus, an effective treatment must be used to solve the increasing problem of malnutrition not only in the U.S., but in the whole world as well. Among the solutions offered to prevent malnutrition, subsisting to a proper food diet remains to be the most effective and feasible solution to malnutrition. A guideline to obtain information of the proper food diet is through the Food Guide Pyramid, which lists the proper foods in appropriate amounts needed by the body. The Food Guide Pyramid lists and locates foods needed most by the body in the base, while the least nutritious foods are located in apex or on top of the pyramid. The proper food diet using this source lists breads and cereals as the primary sources of the body's energy; fruits and vegetables take the second place in the food hierarchy; and meats and protein-rich food ranks as third (Medical Encyclopedia 2003). It can be observed that as the hierarchy goes up the pyramid, the amounts of food needed for each level decreases, suggesting that the body needs more of the first 2 levels (bread, cereals and vegetables and fruits) than the other higher levels (meat and fats, oil, and sweets). Through a proper food diet like the Food Guide Pyramid, the human body will become healthy and resistant to illness and diseases, and problems of malnutrition can now be prevented effectively.


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