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How many grams of fat can you consume in a day and not exceed 30% of your calories from fat? How did you do in this area for the day you recorded?

The majority of the fat that I consumed consisted of near 60 calories per gram. Given these ratios, I would be restricted to consuming no more than 14.32 grams of fat per my 2,864 calorie diet. For the day I recorded my intake, I did not exceed the CNPP recommendations.

How many grams of saturated fat can you consume in a day and not exceed 10% of calories from saturated fat? How did you do in this area for the day you recorded?

The CNPP recommendation for an approximate 2,800 calorie intake diet is 31g or less, and I did not exceed this for the day of my recording ((1.)CNPP, 2007).


For the day you recorded your intake, if you ate a serving of a high-fat food, for example, lasagna, how could you avoid exceeding the recommended fat intake for the day?

There are two ways in which you may avoid exceeding the recommended fat levels in a particular food. One, in preparing the lasagna, low fat ingredients would help to level out the intake amounts per serving. Or two, I would have to ration the amounts of the lasagna eaten ((2.) CNPP, 2007).


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If you could substitute a serving of lower fat lasagna for the higher fat choice, what effect would this have on your other food choices and on your calorie and nutrient intakes for that day?

Substituting a serving of lower fat lasagna would allow me to eat more sparingly of all other food choices. In not substituting the lower fat lasagna, I will have to dramatically decrease the overall intake amounts of the other food choices.


Considering regular lasagna, which ingredients most likely contribute most to the total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol in the higher fat lasagna selection?

TOPIC: Term Paper on Diet How Many Grams of Fat Can Assignment

The most likely total fat contributing ingredient would be either in the cheese or pasta, in the saturated fat; the cheese or meat, for cholesterol; the meat and pasta ((1) CNPP, 2007).


How could you change those ingredients to reflect a reduction in fat content?

Low fat cheese and a lean meat would be a substantial method to reduce the fat content in Lasagna.


How did the day's recorded total for calories and vitamins compare with your recommended amounts? Did the day's meals meet or exceed your need for energy? Describe how your actual intake varied from the CNPP recommendation.

Based on my exercise levels, I was close to my recommended calorie intake, but far from the recommended vitamin requirements. My days recommended total fat for calories met closely - within an approximate 35 calories. Though my intake met closely to the calorie requirements, my needs for vitamins and certain nutrients did not match up correctly. My calorie intake was roughly 30% off from the recommendation with nutrients and vitamins.


Did your meals present too little of any of the vitamins and minerals listed in the CNPP materials? Which ones?

What changes in your choices among those foods would have improved the energy or vitamin or mineral totals for the day?

Had I chosen foods with natural sugars, such as fruits, I would have been closer to my vitamin level recommendations. I also would have been better off to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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