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Overall the protein levels over the course of the three day period seem to indicate that the standard American diet includes far too much meat, and too little vegetables and fruit. The Dietary Reference Intake for protein, by contrast, is estimated at 5 1/2 ounces -- so obviously a sandwich with a name like "Double Quarter Pounder" should be an obvious red flag in terms of its needless dietary excess. This was one easily noticed way in which my own diet could be improved -- the replacement of much of the meat intake with more vegetable and fruit would bring my diet substantially closer to the Dietary Reference Intake levels for all of these types of food.

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It is worth noting, however, that if just this one sandwich is a clue to a culture of overeating, it also demonstrates that there are certain aspects of this diet which are healthy. Obviously overeating is not a good policy, but it does also seem to rule out the prospect of most kinds of vitamin or mineral deficiency -- there was no risk of my diet, as it exists, failing to meet the target for most of the vitamins and minerals listed. Again, to make reference to the McDonald's hamburger which was the single most outrageous item in my food record, it is worth noting that this one burger contains in itself twice the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin B12. Obviously an excess of Vitamin B12 is not dangerous (in the way that the excess of fat calories or cholesterol in the burger would be) but it also indicates that the diet basically consists of overkill. If I were to give myself a solid prescription for improving my diet, though, it would probably consist in trying to cut down substantially the level of meat intake -- perhaps even to the point of vegetarianism. However, with such a radically curtailed dietary palette, it would become important to watch the vitamins and minerals -- it is possible that the risk of shortage (which is not currently there, basically because of the level of overeating indicated by my records) would arise with a vegetarian diet, though.

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It is also worth noting that the eating patterns might also be improved here. My dietary record indicates three meals a day, but very often the dinner comes substantially later than the lunch -- often later at night, which is why there is "fast food" on there. It is worth suggesting that more frequent and smaller meals would probably improve a lot of things about this diet -- it seems like the buildup of hunger may very well prompt the overeating which is the most significant problem in my dietary records. It's also worth noting that this would be an easy and convenient way of getting the greater amount of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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