Dieting Makes You Fat:" Old Essay

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One very interesting study even determined that adolescents who drank whole 'white' (non-sweetened milk) despite the fact that milk is caloric, had lower body weights than diet soda drinkers. This "suggests that the use of low-calorie soft drinks is a marker for more general dietary behaviors and weight concerns…Adolescents who consumed little or no white milk gained significantly more weight than their peers who consumed white milk" (Vanselow, Pereira Neumark-Sztainer & Raatz 2009). Dieting behaviors, an unhealthy relationship with food, and self-regulation followed by uninhibited eating were all associated with diet soda consumption, versus drinking the non-diet product of milk.

These findings do not mean that public health experts should utterly abandon attempts to regulate and improve the public's eating behaviors. However, it does indicate that health, rather than weight loss alone should be the focus. Furthermore, a fixation on weight can lead to increased anxiety and stress, rather than effective self-regulation. Dieting in the traditional sense seems to be a lose-lose proposition for both the individual and reducing the obesity rate for society overall as well.

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TOPIC: Essay on Dieting Makes You Fat:" Old Assignment

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