Difference Between Internal Needs-Based and External Performance Drives of Motivation Term Paper

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Difference Between Internal Needs Based And External Performance Drives Of Motivation

What is the difference between internal needs based and external performance drivers of motivation?

Motivation has many definitions, but one key component of the concept is that of making people 'want' to do what you 'want' them to do. Anyone can compel someone by force to perform a particular action, if they have enough physical power. But the workplace, unlike the military, demands that employees perform their tasks with some semblance of enthusiasm. Intensity of motivational pressure, the duration, and the persistence of the motivator along with the type of task will all affect the degree to which motivation is effective, and there is a limit to which how much and how long a manager can exert direct pressure upon employees, particularly for non-routine tasks that demand a certain level of autonomy and expertise from the employee. This is why motivating individuals is a complex psychological process and most organizations use a combination of internal and external motivating factors to motivate employees.

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External motivating factors are fairly obvious. They are relatively transactional in nature, and are otherwise known as a 'carrot and stick' approach. The use of employee bonuses is a good example of an external motivating factor -- if an employee fulfills a particular production goal, than he/she is rewarded. Similarly, if an employee behaves badly, such as showing up for work late, he/she will lose pay or be threatened with being fired. Transactional leadership strategies can be crudely effective, and on a basic level they may have some value. Few people would work at their current occupations if they did not receive monetary compensation. The lure of better benefits and better promotional prospects often encourages employees to change jobs. However, it is rare that only transactional factors are required to encourage employees to perform at a high level.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Difference Between Internal Needs-Based and External Performance Drives of Motivation Assignment

According to the Theory X/Theory Y approach to leadership, Theory X leaders assume "that employees are naturally unmotivated and dislike working, and this encourages an authoritarian style of management" (Theory X and Theory Y, 2013, Mind Tools). Workers are prodded to perform based upon self-interest and tangible, physical rewards. However, Theory Y managers have a different set of beliefs, based upon intrinsic motivation. "Theory Y expounds a participative style of management that is de-centralized. It assumes that employees are happy to work, are self-motivated and creative, and enjoy working with greater responsibility" (Theory X and Theory Y, 2013, Mind Tools). Workers are motivated by the ability to make a contribution to their organization and through creative opportunities.

An excellent example of an internally-drive, Theory Y organization is that of Google, which offers workers the ability to explore independent projects on the company's dime, in the hope that this enthusiasm will generate creative growth for the company as a whole. Google likewise disdains hierarchy and encourages even lower-level employees to offer ideas and expertise to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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