Thesis: Difference Between an Issue and a Problem

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¶ … Kudler Fine Foods

In everyday language, we often use the terms of issue and problem as synonymous concepts. Whereas they do in fact present elements of commonality, the two nouns are fairly different. In nature, an issue is a matter that has the power to influence several parties and which is often discussed and assessed. On the other hand, a problem is a situation which could generate negative impacts and it has to be resolved. In terms of connotations then, the problem is more negative and severe, whereas an issue is more neutral. In conversations, it is generally advisable to use the "issue," rather than the "problem," for the first noun has the ability to maintain a more positive atmosphere and as such lead to more fruitful outcomes, without generating panic (a Simple Jew, 2008).

Kudler Fine Foods is an important player within the foods and beverages industry, with their stated aim being that of satisfying the growing needs of the customer base, through the offering of a vast selection of high quality foods and wines. Throughout its existence, the organization has faced several challenges, but has managed to successfully emerge from them and safeguard its favorable reputation. Today, the organization continues to be presented with numerous issues, some of the most important ones being succinctly revealed below:

The company strives to serve gourmet products -- this represents a challenge due to the internationalized economic crisis, which may reduce the demand for the Kudler Fine Foods' products

The organic components used in the manufacturing of the foods and wines represent an issue as they are obtained at higher costs, which are then included in the retail price -- a high retail price often reduces customer demand… [END OF PREVIEW]

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