Research Paper: Different City Transportation Systems

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Transport System Comparison.

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Transport System Comparison

Transport in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is known for its preference for green transportation and thus has created multiple public transportation options for its citizens as well as for visitors. For example, there are 25 routes within the city that are operated by the MTD Santa Barbara.

There are other eco-friendly transport public transportation in Santa Barbara in keeping with policy of push for green transportation that the local authorities profess. These include a Downtown-Waterfront electric shuttle that can be used by passengers to travel from the State Street to the waterfront attractions like the zoo and Santa Barbara Harbor.

The fares for the public transport system are also quite low. For examples the basic fare for bus routes is $1.75 one-way whereas the charges for one way shuttle routes are only 50 cents.

Locals however use private vehicles but in limited numbers. And even for such transportation means, the city has ample parking opportunities all across the city.

The primary advantages of the transport system of Santa Barbara include cost effectiveness and eco-friendly. The city has ample public transport for the locals as well as visitors and locals, who need transport for daily commuting can as easily make use of the public transport.

The shuttle bus system in the city is the most cost effective, eco-friendly and time saving. At the present moment there seems to be no chances of any one type of system eliminating the other and the public and the private transport system should coexist.


Public transport system in Phoenix comprises primarily of two forms of public transport - a network of buses and a light railways system that that stretches over a 20-mile (32 km) network.

The other forms of transportation services available in the city include local, express and RAPID commuter buses, dial-a-ride services, neighborhood circulators, vanpool service, an online carpool-matching system and METRO light rail.

Therefore it can be said that the city has multiple transport systems that are but with greater emphasis on gasoline run transport.

The green transport system, the railway system, needs to be extended to other neighboring areas of the city but the authorities are concerned about the usage and the profitability of the extension projects.

The advantage of the transport system in Phoenix is that it has many options where some of the options are relatively cheaper than others. Since the transport systems coexist at the moment and there is relatively lesser chance of the railway system being extended, the transport modes would coexist with each other.


Chattanooga has been recognized as an important transportation hub as it is located close to major U.S. interstates and the Tennessee River.

There is an extensive river network based around the port of Chattanooga. The city is connected to the other major area by 16,000 miles of waterways.

Local authorities run 16 routes of public busses and a free Downtown Electric Shuttle System, which is essentially a fleet of electric buses, the largest in the U.S.

The fares in the public transport systems are very low and start at 75 cents for senior citizens and students in addition to 24-hour or 31-day unlimited ride passes.

The city authorities also offer 300 bicycles at 30 rental stations throughout downtown aided by more than 30 electric vehicle charging stations.

The city has been advocating and professing green transport systems for a long time.

The public shuttle services are also reliable, affordable and… [END OF PREVIEW]

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