Different Nursing Care Models Essay

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The teams are led by a charge nurse or clinical nurse manager who supervises the activities carried out by the members of the nurse team. When delivering patient care, physicians conduct the diagnosis and prognosis of the patient conditions and assign different roles and responsibilities to nurses. Nurses work in collaboration with the supportive staff to play their roles and responsibilities. For instance, while nurses administer medication as recommended/directed by the physician, nursing assistants carry out physical care under the supervision of the team leader. In essence, the Team Nursing Model is implemented in the practice setting through the establishment of a collaborative working environment for the healthcare workers/professionals.

Even though Team Nursing Model has played a major role in enhancing patient outcomes in this practice setting, the quality of nursing care, safety and staff satisfaction at this hospital can be enhanced through the use of Total Patient Care Model. In comparison to the Team Nursing Model, the nurse in Total Patient Care Model is responsible for the entire care of the patient during his/her nursing shift (Antipuesto, 2010). This helps in improving the quality and safety of care as well as staff satisfaction because care processes are not fragmented. It promotes consistency in implementation of nursing care plan, development of suitable relationships between the nurse and patient and families, and quick response to patient needs.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Different Nursing Care Models Assignment

In conclusion, this assignment has provided significant insights regarding nursing care models and their suitability for different care settings. The assignment has enhanced knowledge regarding the effectiveness of different care models for different kinds of patients and care settings. Through this process, I have learned that the goal of utilizing a nursing care model is to enhance patient safety and quality of care. In this case, the healthcare organization should consider several factors in its working environment when making decisions regarding the most suitable nursing care model to adopt in the practice setting. Additionally, I have learned that there is no single nursing care model that is suitable for all kinds of nursing practice settings. Therefore, the care models should be adopted depending on medicine goals and their suitability in enhancing patient outcomes within the practice setting.


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