Differentiated Instruction Today's Classrooms Are More Diverse Essay

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Differentiated Instruction

Today's classrooms are more diverse than ever. In fact, research shows that there will be a steady increase in Hispanic, Asian-Americans, and African-American students in the coming years. Therefore, differentiated instruction may be the panacea that educators are searching for.

Though differentiated instruction seems to be a broad term, it mainly refers to those classroom practices embodying student learning styles, interest, and prior knowledge (Benjamin, 2002).

Understandably, state standards represent the knowledge to be taught, but differentiated instruction gives a meaningful way to teach those required standards (Protheroe, 2007).

Confirmed Assumptions

One main assumption confirmed is that a universal approach to teaching is not the best way to reach a diverse group of students. The major purpose of differentiated instruction is to maximize each student's growth by meeting each student where he or she is. On the other hand, traditional instruction has been equated with teachers who teach to the middle or use the one-size-fits-all approach. O'Brien & Guiney (2001) clearly enumerated these as major principles of differentiated instruction: 1) Every child can learn and every teacher can learn 2) All children have the right to high quality education. 3) Progress for all will be expected, recognized, and rewarded. 4) Learners in a classroom have common needs, distinct needs, and individual needs.

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Modify Teaching Strategies

TOPIC: Essay on Differentiated Instruction Today's Classrooms Are More Diverse Assignment

Incorporating various teaching methods during a lesson, such as using multimedia, group activity, individual practice, simulation hands-on experience, prompts, check-points, graphic organizers (pre, during, post), self-reflection, journal writing, etc.… Hence, the list is endless with possibilities to engage a diverse student base. In making differentiated instruction manageable, teachers must build upon personal strengths and talents (e.g., teacher may have interest in online projects or in the arts, or in botanic garden projects). Teachers should build a collection of resources from libraries, the department, local professional associations,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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