Digital Marketing for Luxury Brands Thesis

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These strategies are known as "Pull" and "Push" strategies. Following is the way that their methodology works for providing the customers with information (Kapferer and Bastien, 2012):

* Pull digital marketing - this is where the information regarding services or products is searched for by the customer by visiting the information sources of the company. Requests are basically being made by them to view particular content. Mostly, these information sources are present in the blogs, websites, video and audio sources etc. customers can also get directed to the company's website by some other website where they went in search of the required information.

* Push digital marketing - this is where information is provided to the customers as they receive or view the digital advertisements like cellphone calls, SMS, RSS etc. since they had subscribed to the latest service and product information being provided to them by the company (Kapferer and Bastien, 2012).

There are advantages as well as disadvantages regarding both of them. For instance:

* Pull advantages - the file sizes have no restrictions, technology requirements are low for the company and there are no opt-in requirements (Kapferer and Bastien, 2012).

* Pull disadvantages - there is very little tracking of the visitors, there is no personalization that can help in motivating the visitors to keep them coming back and marketing is required (Kapferer and Bastien, 2012).

* Push advantages - messages are personalized, choices made by the customers can be tracked in detail and the conversion rate is high (Kapferer and Bastien, 2012).

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* Push disadvantages - Can Spam Act 2003 is required for compliance, can be blocked, delivery technology is required, majority of the customers have to opt-in and opting-out is simple (Kapferer and Bastien, 2012).

Digital Marketing Solutions for Luxury Brands

Thesis on Digital Marketing for Luxury Brands Assignment

Various delivery channels along with the use of Pull as well as Push digital marketing techniques are included in the digital marketing solutions. Both these channels are made use of in order to deliver the information andmessages regarding the services and products to the customers along with anyone else who had submitted an inquiry.

Greater conversion rates have been achieved by the digital marketing campaigns for affiliates as compared to solely using the e-marketing strategy since, it is not restricted only to the Internet. It might be very hard to believe but the fact is that there are a lot of people in this country who don't have access to a computer or Internet. Whereas, almost all of us do have an MP3 player, cellphone or an iPod and view the digital displays outdoors.

With these crucial economic conditions and the increasing recession the trend of customers shopping online is still continuing as they hope to find good deals that could help them in saving some money. Online tools are being given a lot of importance by the companies as a crucial part of their marketing strategies. The digital marketing is expected to continue its rapid rate of growth in the coming years as well. The fact that the marketing and media landscape has changed in a long-lasting and fundamental manner can't be denied.

Purpose of the study

Exploring the methods that would help in winning the attention of customers in a more effective manner in this digital marketing era is the main purpose of this study. Following are the research questions that this aim can be translated into:

How is the digital marketing being used by the luxury brands in order to draw customers?

Are they getting the results that they hoped for by making use of these digital marketing campaigns?

How can the effectiveness of digital marketing for the luxury goods be increased?

Significance of the study

Today there is a compulsion that can be seen in the businesses to stay on top of the arising technologies in the present market scenario where today there are so many choices when it comes to the various brands and choices. The Luxury Brands are being continuously pressurized by this phenomenon as well. The sales of a business are defined by its business plan in exactly the same way as the quality of the materials defines the power that the Luxury Brands hold.

More and more businesses are today looking at e-business as an important tool for the business plan. The power of Web 2.0 is today being realized by the Luxury Brands industry as a very important tool to improve the profitability as well as productivity. The potential for gain is very high and the progress momentum is revolutionary and rapid.

Also, with the increase in the digital consumers, internet has proved to be an important medium in influencing the decision making process of consumers went it comes to buying a Luxury Brand. This study gets even critical as, the methods which are effective in winning the attention of customers in this digital age of marketing are explored in it.


The main elements of this research study scheme are explaining the methodology which is used in this study that will help the researcher in finding his target, recognizing the resources as well as backup which will be required in the analysis, collection and interpretation of data (Saunders et al., 2012). The most appropriate method to conduct this type of research seems to be Survey method in which both the deduction as well as induction methods are made use of. Two main methods are provided to the researcher to choose from depending on the type of research that is being conducted. These methods are as follows:





The interview will be conducted in the explanatory and standardized format while there will be well-formed as well as close-ended questions that will be asked in order to carry out the research.

Research Design

Mixed methodology, questionnaire and research are used in this research. Semi-structured format will be used to conduct the interviews. There will be 100 digital consumers that the questionnaires will be given to. The member of the online social networking sites will be the participants. The reason behind this is the fact that studies have shown that 45% of the top-end luxury buyers are users of Facebook, 14% of Twitter and 12% of Pinterest. The major statistical technique used is the "regression analysis."


This study will be conducted to find out the methods that can win the attention of the customers in a more effective manner in this digital age of marketing. Furthermore, it will also be the scope of the study to further explore the digital marketing processes rather than just satisfying the researcher's interests. It is being expected by this research that it will help in shedding more light upon the information regarding the current situation and will also provide us with a platform for the developments and discourses for the future.


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