Digital Marketing Plan for a Company Essay

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Digital Marketing Plan

The business environment in which companies develop their activity has become very competitive. More and more companies emerge on the different markets, causing distress for existing companies. Therefore, they must intensify their efforts in the attempt to increase competitiveness and address the environmental factors that influence their activity.

In order to reach these objectives, companies can address several strategies. They can work on their prices, by reducing them in order to appeal to customers, they can provide more quantity or quality at the same price, they can expand the range of products in order to address a larger number of customer needs, they can expand their business on international level, they can address different distribution and communication channels, and others. Their strategy is developed in accordance with the strategy of competitors. In other words, if a company makes certain moves, its competitors must usually make such moves, or take strategic action intended to counteract the effects of competitors' actions.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive industries worldwide. Pharmaceutical giants seem to make the rules of the game in each country they address. Their power relies on the interconnections with doctors, with members in state authorities, in their ability to influence rules and regulations, in the fact that they establish the pricing level, making it difficult for smaller competitors to adapt, and others.

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In such a competitive environment, it is difficult for smaller, independent pharmacies to develop, to make significant profits, and to be able to expand the business. However, here are certain strategies that can be developed in order to reach this objective. It is important that smaller pharmacies owners understand that they cannot compete with pharmaceutical giant chains. Therefore, they should establish the market share that they are likely to gain, and develop strategies targeted towards those market segments.

Situation Analysis

Essay on Digital Marketing Plan for a Company Assignment

Kadri Pharmacy Limited is a smaller independent pharmacy that was established in 1985. This is a second generation community pharmacy. This is the first pharmacy in Preston to offer longer opening hours and a medicine delivery service. The owners set up the business as they thought the community would benefit from a business which was more 'approachable' and less formal, making customers comfortable. It initially had a lot of opposition but the community supported it and since then it is going from strength to strength.

The pharmacy has 11 employees. Most of them are employed by Kadri for several years. This means that employee loyalty is high. This is usually determined by a high level of employee satisfaction. Smaller businesses can easier develop a sense of adhesion within employees. This is because employers and employees have a strong, close relationship. This significantly improves communication within the company. Large companies cannot provide this kind of benefits to their employees. In most cases, employers do not even get to meet most of their employees. This makes it difficult for them to identify and understand their employees' needs, to determine what motivates them, in order to develop successful motivational strategies.

The products provided by Kadri Pharmacy are represented by: Pharmacy Only' Medicines ('P' medicines), 'General Sales List' Medicines ('GSL' meds.), Confectionary, First Aid, Vitamins, 'Baby' Ware, Toiletries, Men's section, and others. Other products refer to Household, Feminine care, Incontinent aids, Aids for the elderly, Skincare, Beauty, Discounted Products (Special Offers). The services provided by Kadri Pharmacy are represented by Dispensing of NHS Prescription, Private Prescriptions (at competitive rates), Repeat Prescription Service (monthly, two-monthly), Six monthly repeat prescriptions, Medicine Use Reviews (regular meds for 2 months require annual consultation), New Medicine Service (initial consultation follow up call -- all manually), Advice.

This pharmacy offers the Electronic Prescription Service, which allows customers to choose or "nominate" a pharmacy to get their medicines or appliances from. Their GP then sends their prescription electronically to the place they have nominated. This means that if they collect their repeat prescriptions from their GP they will not have to visit their GP practice to pick up their paper prescription, saving time. They will have more choice about where to get their medicines from because they can be collected from a pharmacy near to where they live, work or shop. They may not have to wait as long at the pharmacy as their repeat prescriptions could be prepared before they arrive.

The services offered by Kadri also include: Doctors, Regular Prescriptions (walk-in, EPS, collection, delivery), Medicine Use Reviews (aka medicine management -regular meds for 2 months require annual consultation), New Medicine Service (initial consultation follow up call -- all manually), Elderly -- monitored dosage, Drug Users -- Methadone on Prescription, Needle exchange (Tanning and Drugs), Emergency Contraception, Smoking Cessation Scheme, Minor Ailment Scheme, Extra non-medicinal -- Photos -- Shop Products.

Kadri's owners understand the fact that they must modernize their business strategy in order to benefit from the opportunities that the market provides. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the pharmacy's activity with certain issues. Digital marketing is an important strategic mix component that can significantly improve the company's activity.

The objectives of the digital marketing strategy are mostly represented by improving the services provided by Kadri to existing customers. The company's owners consider that by addressing the world wide web, the company has more opportunities that can help reach this objective. In addition to this, the owners have identified the need to text customers when prescriptions must be collected or delivered. This is intended to improve the efficiency within the pharmacy, and to save customers time. This can also improve relationships with customers and increase customer satisfaction.

The pharmacy must also be able to receive and to send emails to customers. This is because these customers have numerous questions, requirements, and they cannot always fi8nd the time to stop by the pharmacy to talk to the staff in person. They require information aon different issues (Smart Insights, 2012). Therefore, it is necessary that Kadri has an email address that customers can use in such situations. In addition to this, electronic messages are a successful strategy that Kadri can use in the attempt to send information on products and services to customers, and on several promotional offers that the pharmacy provides.

It is also important to develop a website of Kadri. The website has become the main source of information for most businesses. Customers look companies up on the Internet, they visit their official websites that provide important information on the products and services they provide, contact information, location of the company, and other information necessary to customers. In addition to this, customers can use the website in order to purchase products, or to ask medical questions. Kadri intends to provide such support to customers. Therefore, it is important to develop an electronic platform that can improve communication between Kadri and its customers. This can determine increased numbers of customers, higher customer satisfaction, and increased incomes of Kadri.

Another objective of the digital marketing strategy is represented by increasing awareness on the services provided by Kadri. In the competitive business of pharmaceutical industry, it is important to provide complex services that address most of customers' needs. This is because customers' needs and preferences are modifying. Therefore, customers require that the companies they purchase from satisfy all their needs. Basically, they do not want to go to certain pharmacies for certain services, and to other pharmacies for other services they require. They want their necessities handled in the same pharmacy. This is intended to increase the efficiency of the services provided by these pharmacies.

This increased awareness is likely to determine an increased number of customers to purchase from Kadri. This is because there are not many pharmacies that address all the services options required by customers. Another objective that the digital marketing strategy is intended to reach is represented by increasing the number of prescriptions. This is the most important segment of Kadri's business. Therefore, it is important that Kadri's owners focus on this activity.

The digital marketing strategy that Kadri intends to develop also refers to increasing the interactivity between the pharmacy and the different customer segments addressed by its services.

Targeted Customer Segments

There are several customer segments that Kadri addresses. These customer segments are represented by students, parents with small children, families on low income, individuals that want to quit smoking, seniors that require additional help with medication, patients that are not native English speakers. Basically, Kadri addresses customers with lower incomes. This is considered an important segment that can be successfully addressed by providing complex services at lower prices in comparison with the prices provided by large pharmacy stores.

These are usually customer segments represented by individuals that live, work, or shop near Kadri pharmacy. This makes it easy for the owners to attract customers in the neighbourhood. However, the owners feel the need to expand their number of customers. This means that they must address other communication channels in this attempt to spread their message to a larger number of customers. Therefore, it is important that Kadri… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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