Digital Marketing Strategy Thesis

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He says, 'There are recommended engines, blogs, start pages and well-connected customers make the internet a better place for shopping than ever before'. Spam marketing is being fast replaced by targeted and user centric advertising via internet. Now segmented marketing is done; in other words relevant marketing is executed related to the audience. With the help of digital marketing, long-term relationships can develop with customers. Now marketing is all about dialogue, one to one conversation and listening-talking to each other.

The general feeling is, 'I don't know you and vice versa'.

The internet provides a shield of obscurity to the users surfing on the internet. They aren't chained by the social shackles of the real world moving like free birds. Real life is different in comparison to internet life as they move about from one website to another. In a real life store, the shoppers will wait their turn and shop around as they please. On the internet, the customers have zero patience requiring a seamless customer experience. The aim is to deliver first time, each time. If the website fails to meet their demands (prices and products), then they vanish into thin air. Once gone, they aren't coming back. The only proof of their existence is the log file on the web server. Then the word goes out to their colleagues.

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Thesis on Digital Marketing Strategy Assignment

We have grown up with the road rage analogy of an old man/woman who becomes a speed freak when he/she sits behind the wheel. That's the case with internet people. They are fast and furious on the internet. It's not a good practice to generalize people and judge them. Internet is a whole new ballgame and keeping away from judgments is better. Knowing your market is important for business and conducting research in this regard will go a long way in focusing a target group. This being said, tons of research has been done on the behavior of the internet customers with mixed results. Some similar characteristics have finally emerged that defines the internet audience finally. The internet audience is cozy with the internet. People have been surfing the web for a decade now literally. The younger lot is the biggest audience on the internet, the older population is keeping up as well. The older population is getting warmed up to internet.

People are very careful in the beginning 'pling, pling, pling' is all they do, later they start playing symphonies', says the guru of web usability Jacob Nielsen in an interview he gave back in 2006 to BBC. When people get cozy with the system then they use it more frequently. When they know the general feeling, then they won't be there for long. They have a want-it-now approach. On the internet the speed is really fast and customers have zero tolerance. They want-it-now approach is why websites are so direct and fast catering to their users. Time is money for them and wasting it on tough-to-understand websites isn't their priority. While the marketers and developers are making the website, they ensure that instant information and less scanning features are present troubling the user in the least. The internet isn't a passive medium even in case of Web 2.0. In case of information and communication failure, the audience won't stick for long and move elsewhere. The marketing strategy must be user centric, permission or elective based offering real value to the customer. Great propositions will result in great results. There is a problem that speeds of the internet erase the vendor / brand loyalty but rather they corrode it. Digital marketing is up for developing trust amongst customers and the brand.

But today clients are literally comparing products and website with their fingertips on the internet. How is a person supposed to tackle this issue? Is the competition global or national? The customers are very vocal on the internet and stacking up a trusted audience is an ardent task. With the help of social networking websites, blogs, peer reviews, discussion forums and online communities; they share their relevant shopping experiences, both positive and negative. It's a two way street on the internet. One way, the brand has a positive vibe going for itself it can spin magic while getting it wrong is equivalent of digging your own grave. The internet community is stringent and tough.

Comprehending digital marketing: From inside out

People inquire about products they are unsure of and unaware of. Seeing a new product in the market, they will ask their friends and buddies. Having a social circle helps as people refer others products worth buying. Apart from that they are using social networking websites, blogs, and discussion groups while being part of a vibrant internet community.

Notice the market movers and shakers. Analyze their behavior and tailor a digital marketing campaign which suits that particular group resulting in huge benefits soon enough. Never leave the core market and keep in mind the market trendsetters entailing the entire digital marketing scheme.

Keep P's closer

There are four P's of a product. These P's are:

Price promotion



But now one wonders why these P's found their place in a digital marketplace:

1: Place

This one is easy. It's the internet. Over here, one billion people from all over the world visit making the world a global village all accessible by a computer and a cable. That's about it. Tap into that potential.

2: Price

Price is so critical on the internet. Pricing is lucid as on the internet competition is high. It's not good practice to be the cheapest, but not be the most expensive either. The proposal should appeal to the client. If a product is out of range, all other websites will show this anomaly as the review websites red flag the website as untouchable. These review websites review every tiny detail from cars to school stationery.

3: Product

When a product is needed and certainly viable for the buyer, the customers get interested soon enough and persuading them is easier. Apart from that, a useless product can't be marketed by the best-in-the-business if it isn't needed. That's when the internet stabs in the heart which is horrendous. Promise what a product can really deliver otherwise people are really unforgiving and harsh on the internet. The internet customers weren't born today, they are intelligent and surfing the entire web. They will advise others against your website or minor flaws occurring. They will spread it everywhere and people will red flag the website permanently. If that happens then it's back to the drawing board as all digital dreams of building a business are quashed. Establishing a plausible online business require some sound planning. Ensure that product and its client value chain is correctly aligned from the beginning. There are so many other internet businesses.

4. Promotion

Promotion is all about being offline and online to get the product ready, take in new customers and keep the old ones. The digital promotions tools are given below:

The website

The website is your digital paradise as it's your most prized possession on the internet for that matter. This real estate chunk on the internet is all you have. It's all about generating traffic for your website ensuring sales. The website should be able to direct the traffic from all corners of the internet.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is life and blood of the website and business at hand. The customers are searching for products and if you have them then it's necessary to tap into that audience. The website must be visible to people and Google. For increasing the traffic on your website, the organic searches matter a lot. It means that search results must be shown on the front page till the middle of the page. No one visits the next page by the way.

Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Pay per click advertising is the life and blood of a digital marketing scheme, as it cuts through the search pages and indicates the relevant searches. It depends on the business and the keywords to be used which can certainly produce desired results incorporating search engine indexing and ranking. This medium is gaining popularity fast but the rising problem is that notable keywords are expensive to buy and smaller businesses are bent on taking them as soon as possible.

Affiliate marketing

It's important to work with other companies and build partnerships. This can result in valuable long-term relationships while selling products and services.

Public relations

Press releases, article submissions and blogs generate a positive vibe on the internet about the business / brand in question. It keeps a competitive edge to the business.

Social networking websites

It's a new marketing tool but one may certainly tap this unhidden potential accessing people by reaching into websites they use such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and Twitter. Notice their… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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