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One example of this is the Internet. Every user of the Internet is in fact inter-connected with each other. Hence with the Internet, users can pass any kind of information with each other.

Knowledge capture or "information flow co-ordination" needs to become a central, driving core competence.

I also agree in this statement. Knowledge capture or "information flow co-ordination" is important because information is the major aspect of computing. If information flow is not organized, the use of computing technologies will just be useless. The essence of information flow co-ordination can also be derived from the term Information Technology. From this term itself, information is the core element hence efficiency and core competence should focus on "information flow co-ordination." In fact, computing technologies were developed to improve information storage, access, communication, and transmission. Computing is all about information and the improvement of the many needs and processes involving information. The following statement, as suggested by Sahin and Robinson in their research, indicates how lack of "information flow co-ordination" creates a problem.

Advances in information technology, particularly in the e-business arena, are enabling firms to rethink their supply chain strategies and explore new avenues for inter-organizational cooperation. However, an incomplete understanding of the value of information sharing and physical flow coordination hinder these efforts.

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E-business Issues that Impact Organization

Because information technology is very important in almost any business these days, it is critical that organizations should keep themselves updated with technological developments. In fact, it is almost because of the information technology that keeps organizations stay in the business track that they are in. For those that do not make use of the advantages of information technology, chances are that they will not afford to stay in the competing arena of business and industries where e-business is already the leading technique to success.

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IOmega. Definition of Virtualization.


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http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3713/is_200210/ai_n9129335 [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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