Diller Scofidio + Renfro: MOMA Expansion Research Paper

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Not all will fit. But the building enshrines the desire to comprehend as an American freedom" (Muschamp 1). The private art of folk art is being crowded out by more conventional images of modern art in some eyes: which is highly ironic, given the extent to which Picasso, Miro, and so many of the artists preserved within the walls of the current MoMA were considered outsiders long ago.

Yet AFAM was originally conceptualized as a modernist project as well to some degree and a merging of folk art and modernism in a way that was not ultimately successful. A positive review in the New York Times of AFAM noted: "The architects have acknowledged that the form created by the triangle atop the window is an etherealized human hand. The image establishes the building in relationship to the craft tradition and also to the continuity of modernism as epitomized by the French architect Le Corbusier" (Muschamp 1). The public was not interested and although critics praised the appearance of the encasement, the public seemed to find the contents unexciting, in contrast to the offerings of MoMA. "The lack of sex appeal of Folk Art, cloistered behind what many found to be an uninviting facade" is what ultimately led it to being subsumed into MoMA (Scott 1).

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Museums are meant to serve the public and the art which is shown in the new structure seems to serve the public's needs more than the defunct folk museum. Sometimes something must be lost for much to be gained: still, the dominant nature of a few major museums which eclipse all others is troubling, as is the demolishment of a work which was considered to have aesthetic value by many architects, even if it was not appreciated while it stood.

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Research Paper on Diller Scofidio + Renfro: MOMA Expansion Assignment

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