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I did not look at all of the beer selections, but recognized one beer brand, Shiner Bock, which I know is a local beer, though not a craft beer, from a relatively small sized brewery in Central Texas. I also recognized Jax beer, which I know is a local New Orleans beer.

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The food at the restaurant was incredible. The menu could be described as bar or pub fare; it featured a number of sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and southern style food. However, the traditional fare had a number of creative chef-inspired flares that allowed me to see the influence of the highly trained French chef on the menu. For example, the menu had the small burgers known as sliders, but instead of simple ground beef burgers they offered a jalepeno glazed chicken slider, a spicy Saigon pork slider, a pulled pork slider, and a beef slider. They offered a traditional mac-n-cheese as a side, but rather than being Kraft prepared from a mix, it was a homemade mac-n-cheese. I chose the OhMyGosh! sandwich, which had pulled pork, smoked pork loin, pork belly, bacon, and chipotle mayo. The sandwich was normally served with fries, but I substituted fried okra. The table shared an order of fried zucchini with homemade ranch dressing as a dipping sauce. All of the food delivered to the table was fresh. The fried products did not taste like old grease, a personal pet peeve, but, instead, tasted only like that one product. The condiment bar had fresh vegetables available to dress one's sandwich, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that their lush sliced tomatoes were perfectly ripe, not the almost-ripe ones many restaurants use to avoid a fear of spoilage. The sandwich was perfect and decadent, with just enough mayonnaise to moisten the bread appropriately without overwhelming the different flavors in the sandwich. The fried okra was hand breaded and fried in the establishment, tasting much fresher and with some of the traditional "gluey" flavor of fresh okra. The sauces were all excellent, tasting fresh and without any of the canned flavor that seems to accompany many jarred or preserved sauces. It made me feel like I was getting a much higher quality of food than I would have received at most similarly-priced venues.

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It is difficult to assess the quality of service because a counter-service restaurant means that there are not really servers. Everyone in the establishment was very friendly and helpful. The seating process was haphazard, and I could see the self-seating being difficult during a busy time. The line was cared for in an efficient manner. The food was served promptly, and, once the food was served, staff did check on the customers to see if they could meet their needs. We were even able to order desserts from the table. All of the staff was dressed in black jeans or pants, one of the restaurant's t-shirts, and a black or red baseball cap with the restaurant's logo. Some of the staff also wore red aprons over their uniforms. All of the staff were dressed in neat and clean clothing and appeared well-groomed. As I do with any restaurant, I went to the restroom before eating my food. The restrooms were meticulously clean. Like many restaurants, there was a dry-erase board with room to initial or check when period bathroom checks occurred, and it was actually being used. The soaps were fully stocked, the counters neat, and plenty of paper towels available for hand-cleaning. I did not go back into the kitchen, but some of the kitchen was visible from the dining area. What I could see appeared clean and efficient.

Taken as a whole, my experience dining at Hoggs N. Chicks was an incredible one. The food was well above what one would expect from a casual dining restaurant located in a strip mall. However, it was also not an overpriced attempt at making traditional foods fancier; the additions used made sense in the meals and complemented them, rather than simply adding distracting flavors or fats. The impression I had from the restaurant was that it was a chef's attempt to bring delicious everyday food to people.

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